Spa Holiday at Chiva-Som International Health Resort

Philosophy & Health

On arrival you are offered a complimentary Health and Wellness consultation. This is designed around your goals and objectives, your current state of health and ability to achieve those goals. Your advisor will help you achieve the most out of your stay by devising a personal programme of treatments and services.

These will include diet, exercise, activity, rest and relaxation, physical ailments, emotional issues and your inner self.

We offer every guest a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and longevity with a full range of health and wellness treatments.

The focus of our programmes is on balancing and rejuvenating the Mind, Body and Spirit.

All Chiva-Som programmes are customised for your individual’s lifestyle improvement through the integration of naturopathic and conventional medicines.

Our staff of expert health professionals includes consulting doctors, naturopaths, fitness instructors, spa therapists, nutritionists and alternative health practitioners.

Destination Spa in Thailand at Chiva-Som Health Resort

Chiva-Som is a luxury health resort, combining international standards with Thai hospitality to deliver personal wellness programmes in a non regimented way. Everything we do focuses on a holistic approach to health that incorporates mind, body and spirit.