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The group’s impeccable standards, wealth of skills and vast experience are fully utilised via the Academy to deliver highly effective training programmes focused on Spa, Holistic, and Aesthetic Therapies.

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How long should I stay?
Your experience at Chiva-Som is designed to facilitate lifestyle transformation under a full range of health and wellness programmes. On average, our guests stay for 10 nights on each visit to allow them sufficient time to use all of the extensive facilities and achieve their goals. However, your chosen retreat or your personal goals may require more or less time.  We have a minimum stay of 3 nights.

How do I prepare for my stay?
Try to reduce the amount of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine that you consume one to two weeks before your arrival.  Chiva-Som is a health resort and in this regard we try to reduce the temptation of you consuming these during your stay. Chiva-Som is a totally non-smoking resort. Guest who wish to have a cigarette will be forced to go to the beach or outside the property as smoking is not permitted in the rooms, public areas or restaurants. Wine and champagne are available in the evenings only.  We also recommend that you bring loose, casual clothing for your classes and to wear around the resort.  Sports shoes are required for physical training in the gym, and for some daily activity classes.

May I bring younger members of my family?
Chiva-Som has been designed for those who are ready to relax from the hustle and bustle of life and to enjoy massages, spa cuisine food, holistic treatments and fitness activities. We believe that this can be enjoyed by those between their late teens and their late eighties. Whilst we do not impose an upper age limit we do restrict our younger guests to those of 16 years or more.

What attractions are there near the resort?
There is limited shopping in Hua Hin; fire high quality golf courses and some areas of natural beauty. Please  Click for more detail or ask our Guest Relations team to arrange for you.

Can I connect my laptop? How can I stay in touch?
A stay in Chiva-Som is designed to improve your health and wellness. Whilst we don’t expect you to ‘switch off’ we would like you to concentrate on yourself rather than other activities. Facilities for staying in touch are limited but you may bring your laptop to connect in your room.

Will I feel comfortable if I come alone?
Single guests feel very comfortable in Chiva-Som. Some guests come alone because they prefer to spend time by themselves; there is so much to do and it’s easy to meet fellow guests. There is a Talkers Table every night in the restaurant and both single and sharing guests are welcome to join the table.