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Upon my return to Chiva Som in 2012, I experienced first hand at a private consultation a healing on my left elbow from which I had suffered various degrees of pain over the previous 14 months. I can assure you that the pain had never left me during this time as it always ran to between a 4 to 8 on the pain scale of 1 to 10. I had received physio, osteopathic and acupuncture treatments in London as well as medication but to no avail.

At my first treatment, all of the external pain had disappeared. By the time we had completed the second the following day, all of the pain had left the internal joint. Without medicine, without needles not only did I witness it, I was part of it. A 100% cure, I was amazed. Over the following days, a number of people that I had become quite close too also had treatments from Richard. I witnessed tears of joy and relief, I saw hearts that had been healed and headaches that had disappeared in front of my very eyes.

I believe in miracles don’t you?
Mark Greig, Chairman of the Paramount Group of Companies

“I cannot possibly address this to one person alone. You all have been exemplary as hospitality providers. The best thing is that you did not work as parts of your duties, you put your warm and caring hearts, your souls and MIND into it that makes Chiva-Som my top favourite destination. I must not forget that the credits for having such staff and training them so well has to be given to the upper management too.

Hats off to all, from the porters out front to the reservation, reception, spa, restaurant and cleaning crews.

Hope to see all of you again soon. Thank you for such a memorable stay, from the bottom of my heart.”
Yasmin Jafferi, June 2011

“Thanks to you & your team for making our 1st visit to Chiva Som such a just a wonderful one. You were mentioning how you came as a guest almost 8 years ago when you were offered the position of General Manager and promptly came back after a month to make Chiva Som your home! You also mentioned that over half your guests are repeat guests – after our visit, we realise why guests keep wanting to come back. All of us will also fall into that category and you will hopefully see us sometime soon.

Please pass on our compliments to the chef & his team for preparing some delicious food that was so healthy – we were 2 vegetarians in our group and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I believe that the Chiva Som wellness team came to Mumbai sometime last year to market the treatments, etc. May I suggest that you include Kolkata as a stop in your next India Tour and also add your chef to the team. I spoke to your Executive Chef and mentioned this idea to him as well.

Some of the treatments were amazing – I particularly enjoyed the Chi-Nei-Tsang and Watsu treatments. Some of us enjoyed the kinesis and classes as well. Our sincere thanks to the spa & fitness team for making our visit truly special.

We must mention the excellent and efficient service that was displayed by everyone. We were not told a “No” for anything. The restaurant staff – Tum, La, Udi, June and so many others whose names we do not recall – were amazing and anticipated all our special and individual requests after the 1st day itself.

The best part is that we are all taking steps forward to ensure that we come back to Chiva Som healthier than how we left it!”
Yash Poddar, November 2010

“My wife Minal and I had an absolutely fantastic time. I am feeling very focused and motivated now and have been put on the right track to better health. The food here was so incredible; I didn’t even miss Indian food. I plan to return.”
Niraj Bajaj, April 2010

“Take advantage of every class/therapy on offer and you won’t have time to draw breath. There are too many places where you can be so fruitfully occupied, from Tai Chi at dawn to the final abs, butts and thighs class of the day. The therapists are outstanding.”
Michael Gebicki – Good Health magazine, January 2010

“My husband and I recently spent 3 wonderful days at Chiva Som after being lucky enough to win the trip at a Business Chicks networking breakfast in Perth, Australia. The feeling of peace and tranquility was lovely and I have to commend the immaculately kept gardens and outdoor areas – beautiful. The staff were superb, giving exeptional service and attention at all times. The food, the treatments, the activities were all fabulous. I just wish we could have stayed longer. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to stay at Chiva Som.”
Renata Iannetta, November 2009

Elizabeth Hurley at Chiva-Som, Destination Spa
“I love going to Chiva-Som in Thailand. It’s a ravishing health spa where you can lose weight, calm down and be pampered into oblivion.”

Elizabeth Hurley, 2009

“I had a fantastic stay in a very beautiful place. Staff were excellent with very helpful and prompt service. Room was excellent. Food was absolutely brilliant – even though I have lots of food allergies I could enjoy the food and was very impressed that the kitchen could prepare special menus for me. I will come back for a longer stay and try the detox program.”
A H Bubber, October 2009

“Boasting 58 rooms and suites with 72 spa treatment rooms, the spa offers an incredible array of treatments and holistic wellbeing. They have some of the best energy healers as well as complete medical facilities. Personally speaking, it is the best spa in the world.”
Jenni Lipa, Spa Trek Travel July 2009

“I wanted to thank [Richard Currall] again for healing my backache. I still find it unbelievable that, in a session of less than 10 mins, you were able to treat a pain that has been a major source of discomfort for more than 10 yrs. Thank you – It was worth coming to Chiva-Som.”
Eynour Boutia, 2009

“My health and wellness consultant was a reassuringly healthy and well looking Australian lady called Nadine. Nadine is a naturopath which is a medical practitioner who encourages the body to heal itself…With Nadine’s help, I chose from a weekly timetable of activities which Chiva-Som’s 74 therapists, many of whom are Thai with names as exotic as the activities they run…[But] the clearest evidence of health consciousness at Chiva-Som is not so much in what you do – or what is done to you – but what you eat. There are two top class eateries; the international Emerald Room which at breakfast boasts an astounding array of exotic fruits, cereals and spices or the beachside chic of Taste of Siam.”
John Nathan, The Jewish Chronicle, 16 April 2009

“Extraordinary stay. Everything was sensational from the staff/service to the rooms and treatments to food.”
S. Asomull, December 2008

Yue Sai Kan at Chiva-Som, Spa cuisine
“A lot of people think that if they wish to be healthy, they must eat tasteless food. It is not so at the Chiva-Som. The food here is super delicious. The menu reminds me of what really healthy food should be.”

Yue Sai Kan, 2008

“Chiva-Som changed my life. In just three days. I’ve loosened up my mind and overhauled my diet (and lost a kilo or two – amazing what minimal sugar does to your weight). Above all, it’s made me realise the importance of taking time out of our crazy-busy lives to nurture our minds, bodies and spirits for the sake of our long-term health. With its accommodating staff and tranquil vibe, Chiva-Som is the perfect setting for rediscovering life’s fundamentals. Oh bless Chiva-Som, the haven of my life. I’ll be back.”
Ms. Felicity Percival, editor of Australian Women’s Health, September 2008

“Chiva-Som wins awards for its spa cuisine. It is appallingly healthy – no salt, no fat, no sugar … no taste, you would think, but it is cooked with flair and sauced with more than virtue.”
Michael Buerk, Financial Times: Weekend 9 August 2008

“Pure bliss! After our 4th time your immaculate standard has not dropped!”
Khun Umaworn and Hon. Simon Percy Windsor-Clive (UK), July 2008

“I am addicted! Just love everything – Massages, food, hospitality – everything! See you soon.”
Ms. Avanti Birla, July 2008

“There are health retreats and then there is Chiva-Som. The world’s original luxury destination spa in the seaside village of Hua Hin, Thailand, attracts big-name celebrities and Fortune 500 folk”.
Herald Sun, June 2008

“I had a very nice stay, and even wish it was longer. Physiotherapists were very useful, stretch classes were great. Myotherapy was fantastic – it left my back pain-free, relieving me of my chronic back condition. Will be back hopefully in the near future with my wife.”
A Kirloskar from Pune, February 2008

“One of the best health resorts in the world, Chiva-Som, meaning “haven of life”, is renowned for its holistic philosophies and beautiful beachfront location on the Gulf of Thailand”.
Tatler: Travel Guide, January 2008

“Excellent. I feel 100% relaxed. Chiva-Som magic worked again. Cranio sacral therapy was spot on. I will definitely return.”
S K Dubash, August 2007

“Chiva-Som is the gold standard by which all destination spas are measured. Its name is a mantra among the spa-faithful, who have been won over by its one-to-one ratio of therapists to guests, amazing treatment list, and its peaceful setting. Whatever the motivation for dedicating yourself to a spa, Chiva-Som can fit the bill.”
Harpers Bazaar: Travel Guide 2007

Collette Dinnigan at Chiva-Som, luxury spa resort
“Chiva-Som is a luxury spa resort south of Bangkok. It is my haven. I have been twice and I am really hoping to go again soon. The food is all organic; its just sensational. I have three big meals a day, no alcohol for a week, a massage each day and do very little else. It’s a beautiful environment and peaceful, relaxing, energising and health. I feel very comfortable when I’m there by myself; they leave you alone but the level of service is even better than
                      Asia’s usual high standards.”

                      Collette Dinnigan in The Sun-Herald 2007

“[Ken Rosen] treated my husband Robert Lau for his terrible nicotine addiction and after having smoked for the past 20 years, he has stopped since receiving treatment from you in August which is AMAZING!! I’m so glad we spent time with you at Chiva-Som!”
Chinn Neo 2007

“The most enthralling part of the resort is definitely the outdoor pool with a view of Hua Hin beach… Mobile phones and laptops are not allowed in public areas and only guests aged above 16 years are welcome. Talk about escape.”
Review Asia 2007

“You can only leave Chiva-Som if you know you are coming back!”
Name withheld 2007

Elle MacPherson at Chiva-Som, Holistic Spa
“I recently spent 10 days at Chiva-Som, and had the most extraordinary experience. It’s like Club Med for holistic junkies; there is everything you could want to explore and experiment with, a great nuturing environment.”

Elle Macpherson 2007

“International standards and Thai values deliver personalised wellness programs for lasting health”
Destination Spa Vacations Magazine 2007

“With a staff to guest ratio of five-to-one and a long-established Thai tradition of hospitality, the menu of spa services is exceptional and the spa cuisine fantastic.”
The 50 Best Spas. The Independent 2007

“As a destination spa, has two dedicated spa restaurants for its captive audiance of health-conscious in-house guest. The whole concept of Chiva-Som is to encourage a healthy and balanced long-term approach to health and weight management.”
SpaCuisine. Arabian Travel News 2007

“We wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for magical sessions we had with you in Chiva-Som. They really made a MIRACLE – no more headaches for already 2 months!”
Irina 2007

Destination Spa Hua Hin Thailand - Comments & Testimonials

”Thailand’s Chiva-Som is best for body treatments and cuisine.”

Conde’ Nast Traveller, October 2009