The Journey’s Calendar

Posture Realignment Next Generation
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Posture Realignment – Posture,
Aging Well and Emotion – A Life
Changing Posture Improvement
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Next Generation: Parents with 16+
young adults Quality Family Time.
Sharing and Inspiring a Wellness
Lifestyle in Young Adult.

Wellness, Wisdom and Purpose for Women Healthy Culinary Journey
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Wellness, Wisdom and Purpose
for Women
. Woman only program
connecting wellness and life purpose.
5 Night Summer Journey:
Healthy Culinary Journey:
Chiva-Som Health Cooking School
Healthy Spa Cuisine, Thai and
Chiva-Som Secrets with Chef
Paisarn Cheewinsiriwat.

Inner Reflection Andropause Meet Menopause
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Inner Reflection: Spend Buddhist Lent in Thailand on a self-empowerment journey. Master-In-Residence Danchai Chernprateep.
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Andropause Meet Menopause: Couples Hormones, Life stage and relationships.

Thai Mothers & Daughters Healthy Culinary Journey
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Thai Mothers & Daughters:
In honor of HM the Queen’s Birthday.
5 Night Summer Journey:
Healthy Culinary Journey:
Chiva-Som Health Cooking School
Healthy Spa Cuisine, Thai and
Chiva-Som Secrets with Chef
Paisarn Cheewinsiriwat.

Life Energy Sustainability, Compassion and Wellness
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Life Energy – an Energy Booster. Experience an energy booster for
your life at Chiva-Som.
5 Nights Summer Journey:
Sustainability, Compassion and
: A mindful programme of
environmental, social and wellness
activities for improving the self, the
community and the planet. In
celebration of Chiva-Som’s 10 year
celebration of commitment to
Preserve Hua Hin Foundation.

Summer Journeys

This summer, Chiva-Som proudly unveils an exclusive diary of different weekly programmes called Summer Journeys. Designed to explore various life challenges in intimate groups of no more 15 people, each of these group retreats will cover specific topics to include areas such as women’s & men’s health, the balance of life, the mind, relationships, inspiration, creativity, culinary health, and beauty. Summer Journeys draws together a specially curated selection of the very best in treatment modalities, fitness activities, specialist speakers and workshops to compliment the central theme.

Each Summer Journey is designed to draw together like-minded people with shared interests and some group activities alongside Chiva-Som’s highly personalized approach to individual wellness consultations, daily massages, relevant exercises and treatments. In addition, some programs include a ‘master in residence’ or guest speakers, lunch and learn hosted discussions and selected takeaways.

Summer Journeys confirmed specialist speakers include Judith Horstman, an award winning journalist and author of several books on the brain, Dr. Gerald Lalande, of CEO Health and week long programs with Chiva-Som favorites like Danchai Chernprateep, Kamonwan (Nok) Khamching and Chef Paisarn Cheewinsiriwat.

Cooking school, passion mapping, wellness wisdom, inner reflection, posture and emotion, fitness boot camp, environmental knowledge… Check the Chiva-Som Summer Journey calendar and discover a new perspective. Summer Journeys begin on a fixed arrival date for a fixed program of 5 or 7 nights.


  • Individual health and wellness consultation
  • 3 spa cuisine meals per night (beginning with dinner)
  • Complimentary facial analysis and skin consultation
  • Complimentary physical analysis available if required
  • Daily fitness and leisure activities (Up to 8 classes daily)
  • Daily Massages (Thai, Chiva-Som, Invigorating or Relaxing Foot Massage)
  • Unlimited use of Water Therapy Suites (Steam, Sauna and Jacuzzi)

To indulge in an experience or for more information please,
call +66(0) 32 536 536 or email

Mind for Life
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Mind for Life: Learn Brain Healthy
Lifestyle Habits for adding life to your
years. Master-In-Residence Judith
Horstman author of four Scientific
American brain books including the Healthy Aging Brain.

Beauty Wisdom
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Beauty Wisdom: an integrative East
meets West approach ancient beauty
art, modern technology and make-up.
Dr. Niwat Polnikorn of Niranlada
Aesthetic Medi Spa and Takeshi
Kitagawa with facial acupuncture.

Creative Inspiration
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Creative Inspiration: Discover creativity, passion mapping and purpose
with Kamonwan (Nok) Khamching.

Chiva-Som Summer Fitness Boot Camp
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Chiva-Som Summer Fitness Boot Camp. Explore and improve your body endurance with Chiva-Som’s Fitness
Boot Camp.

Work Life Balance
7 Nights Summer Journey:
Work Life Balance: Stress management, relaxation and a new perspective on life.

Journey topics include life-affirming subject areas such as optimizing your healthy aging brain, posture alignment, better relationships, life stage, creative inspiration, hormone health and aim to encourage you to explore and improve.