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Fitness Services

3 P’s of Perfect Fitness

Three of our most popular Fitness services are rolled into one session to combine Pilates, Personal Training and Private Stretch. Ideal if you like variety in your exercise, or if you are not sure which of our services you would like to continue with throughout you stay.

Adventure Training

Adventure Training involves a variety of exercise activities including kayaking, beach biking or hiking to local points of interest. Your trainer can push you to your limits or you can take it easy and absorb some of the local Thai culture.

Aquatic Therapy (Watsu)

A passive technique derived from Zen Shiatsu and performed in a specialised warm water pool. Your therapist will use the buoyancy of the water to support you, while the joints are mobilised and the muscles gently stretched. Each move flows smoothly into the next, and is co-ordinated with an integral rhythm, thus allowing the process to take place at an emotional as well as physical level. The deep relaxation and nurturing allows the mind to find peace and lightness of spirit, freeing the body from pain or discomfort and allowing for restoration. In the interest of your own comfort and relaxation during the session, you may request either a male or female therapist.

Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis through scientifically based body measurements provides you with results as to the proportion of your body that is composed of fat. This is far more relevant for your health and well-being than total weight. Our fitness programmes will help you to achieve the right balance of body composition through education and action.

Fitness Consultation

If you feel you need specific fitness advice, our Fitness Consultation is available to assess your fitness capabilities and goals. The consultation involves a review of your current lifestyle, exercise habits and physical condition. Based on this information our fitness specialists will recommend the activities best suited to you during your stay.

Functional Insight Training (FIT)

Based on Chiva-Som’s philosophy of integrating the body, mind and spirit, a cutting edge fitness and health programme called Functional Insight Training (FIT) has been developed. Working with a FIT Guide combines elements of Pilates, proprioceptive awareness, body balancing, meditation, self-reflection, breathing techniques and an awareness of the foundation of life. This approach to fitness and health takes your well-being to a higher level and promotes inner strength and confidence as well as helping achieve your physical goals.

Golf Bio-Mechanics

Attention! This coaching can seriously improve your golf score. By using the mobility and flexibility exercises prescribed during a golf bio-mechanic session you will achieve a range of movement and the balance needed to swing the club at optimum efficiency. Starting with a full assessment of your body, specific drills are used to improve muscle and joint function. Pre-game warm-up skills will make your round better and stop all the aches and pains experienced a couple of days after playing. Help yourself to help your game. Redefine your structure and discover a better golfer.

Golf Buddy Program

Five of the most spectacular Golf courses in Thailand are in the Hua Hin area. Chiva-Som is pleased to offer this programme, which includes your green fee and equipment (if required) and the opportunity to tee off with one of our experienced fitness staff that have local knowledge of all five courses.

Health & Fitness Assessment

Our comprehensive fitness assessment and consultation with a fitness professional will help determine your degree of flexibility, strength, body composition and cardiovascular endurance. This is the best way to determine areas that need improvement.


As regular physical activity is one of the pillars for quality of life and health, Kinesis is one of those rare things that its inherent simplicity is close to genius. Consisting of a series of pull wires in a personal space it facilitates anti-gravity resistance training utilising the full range of the body’s natural movements. When exercising with Kinesis, the mind guides the body in a natural and harmonious way. The unique, multi-dimensional design allows for a vast variety of movements in over 200 different exercises, keeping the workout fun and interesting.

Kinesis inspires and stimulates us for body conditioning. Improving strength, flexibility and balance promotes more efficiency and effectiveness of physical movement in daily life, occupation and sports.

Personal Training – Completed fitness

Our 10 and 14-day programmes allow you to learn the necessary skills and positive lifestyle habits to really start taking your health and fitness seriously. It also helps you to set achievable and worthwhile goals, discover ways to motivate yourself, learn the importance of exercise heart rates and learn how to adapt your programme as your fitness improves with time. An initial Body Composition Analysis is recommended to give you and your trainer further insight into how we can help you to achieve your goals.

Personal Training – Fast Track to fitness

Our 5 or 7-day Personal Training programme is ideal for kick-starting your exercise regimen, or even reviewing your current programme to give you new ideas or correct any faulty or potentially harmful techniques. You will leave Chiva-Som with an understanding of the exercises that will help you to achieve your personal objectives.

Personal Training – Single Session

Our experienced fitness specialists work with you individually to provide expertise and motivation to assist you in achieving your personal health and fitness goals. Whether you want to work out in a gym or at home, your programme is uniquely designed to achieve results both during your stay and after you leave Chiva-Som. This session is suitable for those of any exercise level.

Pilates Body Conditioning

The Pilates technique is a unique form of exercise that caters to the specific needs of each individual. Slow precise movements allow you to become aware of your weakness and postural misalignment caused by injury or muscular imbalance. Your individual programme will tone up muscles, increase your flexibility and improve your “core stability”. (functional abdominal and lower back strength), which is essential for managing back pain and other injuries. People of all fitness levels are now taking advantage of the Pilates technique to improve their physical condition. Our professionally equipped Pilates Studio will allow you to work out using the many forms of Pilates.

Positional Release Therapy

Conventionally when a muscle is in spasm we want to stretch it. Dr. Laurence Jones discovered that by shortening a muscle that is in spasm that muscle will release. This technique can be used for a wide variety of muscle conditions. By targeting tender points on the body a sequence of overloaded muscles can be brought back to their original condition, relieving pain, discomfort and joint malfunction.


Prana means breath, respiration, life, vitality, wind, energy or strength. Ayama means length, expansion, stretching or restraint. Pranayama thus connotes extension of breath and its control. It is thus the science of breath. Emotional excitement affects the rate of breathing. Equally, deliberate regulation of breathing checks emotional excitement. As the very object of Yoga is to control the mind, the yogi first learns pranayama to master the breath. He who can control his breath, can control his mind the yogic lore says. This produces a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system. A regular practice of pranayama will slow your heart down and you’ll have a subjective experience of relaxation. It also decreases the amount of air remaining in the lungs after exhalation. Proper breathing techniques reduce fear and anxiety and create space for personal healing and transformational growth.

Sea Kayaks

Our sea kayaks are available for a refreshing change of exercise, paddling along the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand.

Super Stretch

After any exercise session it is important to stretch and relax. Our fitness team has developed a unique stretch combination to refresh and rejuvenate you at the end of your workout session. Receive a full one-to-one stretch, rounded off with muscle manipulation to aid the body’s recovery process. This will increase suppleness and make you feel great. Also highly recommended for golfers to improve swing.

Swimming Lessons

If you’ve never learnt to swim, or feel you need your swimming technique improved, our instructors can design a specific session, which will direct you towards your goals; whether that be feeling comfortable floating or learning how to swim safely and efficiently with tumble-turns.

Social Dance

Treat yourself to a fun way of working out and learn how to dance. Not only does this low-impact exercise improve your posture and co-ordination, but it will also increase stamina and flexibility.
Choose from the range of ballroom dance, including the Waltz, Tango, Quickstep or Foxtrot, or go Latin with Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba and Samba

Tai Chi

The Chinese art of Tai Chi has been used in conditioning the body and mind to promote harmony for thousands of years. The movement forms are ideal for developing strength, suppleness, internal healing and stamina, and have also been shown to be effective in reducing high blood pressure. This ancient art form is a magnificent way to connect with your energy flow.


Tennis is a great cardiovascular workout and a fantastic activity for beginners or advanced players alike. You can have a hit just for fun, or play a full game with two or four people using facilities of court and racquet hire. Alternatively you can play with one of our fitness instructors. Also available is tennis coaching if you want to improve your technique and gain experience.

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

A powerful yet easy-to-learn form of self-defence and exercise. Muay Thai has been practiced in Thailand for hundreds of years. With our instructors you will have a cardiovascular and fat-burning session, tone arm and leg muscles and discover a great way to relieve stress.

Travel Training

How do you exercise without going to the gym? This is the common question people ask who can’t find enough time to take care of their bodies. This travel training session is a way to help you exercise during flights, in hotels, in between appointments or even just for a new, simple daily routine at home. Each session includes a take-home programme with a variety of exercises specific to your needs.


Yoga is an ancient discipline of mind, body and spirit practice that results in physical conditioning, relaxation and a sense of stillness. Hatha yoga is focused on relaxation. Private yoga tuition with our instructor will ensure you get the most out of each session.

Power Yoga or Astanga Yoga

Astanga Yoga has a unique movement breathing system. This movement through the sequence of poses (Asanas) produces heat which, in turn produces sweat. The sweat is both cleansing and purifying. As you progress more deeply into the practice, toxins are also released. The power of the breath draws the mind in on itself and joins mind and body together. The breath, the energy centres and the eye focus together, and bring about the physical and the meditative aspects of Astanga Yoga. The practice itself becomes a moving meditation. Power Yoga stems from Astanga Yoga, but allows a wider range of postures (Asanas) and is adaptable to all levels of fitness, flexibility and strength.

Both styles build body awareness, body balancing, muscular control, meditation, self-reflection, breathing techniques and awareness of the foundation of life.

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga

Asanas (yogic postures) practiced during pregnancy are designed to keep the expectant mother healthy, avoiding much of the usual discomfort associated with pregnancy. Yoga aids digestion, circulation and facilitates easy breathing. Pre-natal asanas have been carefully selected to ensure that the baby is given maximum room for its free movement and growth in the mother’s womb and to facilitate a natural and easy delivery. Pranayama (breath control) during pregnancy is mainly intended to remove fatigue, nervous tension, eliminate toxins and prepare for childbirth.

Post-natal Yoga; one month after childbirth asanas can be practiced and the second month more asanas are added. By the third month, the mother has regained the original shape and strength of her organs. Once this normal state is regained, all asanas may be resumed!

Vibration Assisted Training

The Jet Vibe produces a vibration through which energy is transferred from the platform to the body resulting in your body automatically adjusting to the vibrations. This mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex which, depending on the frequency, results in muscles vigorously contracting 30 to 50 times per second. Exercise causes the body to tire and rest allows the body to recover. By repeating this process, the body adjusts to the level of effort, resulting in an increase in physical performance.
Chiva-Som’s Fitness Department offers Jet Vibration Training which is conducted by our in-house fitness professionals. This training will in no doubt enhance your fitness performance and help you to achieve worthwhile, sustainable results.

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At Chiva-Som we aim to exceed our guests’ expectations. Whatever your fitness aims and goals, we will guide you on along the way to achieving them through our exercise programs and our integrated holistic approach.