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Laser Treatment of Dilated Facial and Leg Veins by Excel V®

Thanks to modern laser technology, it is now possible to give your body beauty-enhancing treatment that removes unsightly, broken and dilated veins, and unwanted vascular lesions such as rosacea, port wine stains, and other birthmarks. Excel V®, the latest advancement in laser technology, is safer, faster and more effective than other treatments or technology.

Excel V® works by passing a specialised light through the skin that targets haemoglobin (the red portion of blood) in the unwanted vessels. The heat from the laser causes the vein to decompose and disappear. During the procedure, your skin will be protected and soothed by contact cooling tips.

After treatment, your body will reabsorb any vessels or pigment denatured by the laser in a natural, self-cleaning process over a period of time. Most small capillaries will become invisible almost immediately since they no longer contain any blood flow.

What can I expect during the procedure?
Many people describe the treatment as feeling like the snap of a rubber band against the skin. Anaesthesia is not necessary, but you may be given an anaesthetic cream and any discomfort can be relieved with the application of a cold compress. After treatment, you can immediately return to normal activities.

What areas and conditions can be treated?
All skin areas can be treated, particularly the face, neck, chest and legs. Treatable conditions include rosacea, redness, telangiectasia, spider veins, facial veins and broken capillaries.

How many treatments are necessary?
Depending on the severity of the condition, multiple treatments may be required and improvement generally lasts for several years.

Is there any risk?
There is little risk in this treatment and you should avoid direct sun exposure, or apply a sun block of at least SPF 15 when in sunlight. A rare side effect is bruising, or purple colour around the treated area. This will resolve itself within a few days. Our doctor can discuss any other possible risks with you.

What after-care will I need?
It is important to follow our doctor’s directions and use recommended skincare products and compression stockings for legs. This will minimise your risk of inflammation or redness and ensure the shortest recovery time.

Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Medi-Spa Thailand - Vein Laser Treatment

Lasers work by passing a specialized light through the skin that targets unwanted hair, birthmarks, tattoos, or in this case the hemoglobin (the red portion of blood) in the unwanted vessels. The heat from the laser causes the vein to break up and disappear.