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Gyrokinesis: Gyrokinesis is the core of the Juliu Horvath Method®. It’s Level 1 and is also known as The Essentials of Body Kinetics®. It incorporates many key principles of yoga, dance, gymnastics and Tai Chi. This methodology works the joints and muscles of the entire body in a gentle yet invigorating way. Through rhythmic, spiraling and undulating movements the spine is set in motion. It sends waves of circulation through the inner organs and all other tissues of the body, oxygenating the blood and stimulating the nervous system.

Seven essential spinal movements are the basis for all joint articulation: bending forward, extending backward, side bending right and left, rotating right and left, and circular movements. Synchronising these movements with corresponding breathing patterns adds to deep stimulation of the vital forces inside the body. It organises the movements into a harmonious flow similar to dance. The body and mind are re-educated to move with fluidity, relaxation, elegance and power. As a result the entire organism is strengthened leading to improved health and vitality.

Gyrotonic: Gyrotonic exercises offer complete freedom of movement. Exercises are performed on the Professional Pulley Tower, and the system is fully adjustable and can meet the needs of many people with varying body types and levels of strength. The even and constant resistance in the handle unit and pulley tower, (through the triple reduction in the pulleys), completely eliminates the jarring that takes place at the beginning and end of exercises performed on conventional exercise equipment, when many injuries occur. The circular, spiraling and undulating movements that characterize the GYROTONIC® training help to increase the functional capacity of the spine, contributing to a spherical and three-dimensional awareness, resulting in increased equilibrium.

Rolling Release Therapy: Most of the time sedentary lifestyles cause muscles along the spine and all over the body to weaken and become restricted leading not only to discomfort but can eventually lead to chronic postural pain syndrome.

Chiva-Som physiotherapists are delighted to offer a new form of workout that combines “Body Logic” and “Body Therapy”. This effective self-rolling method is based on the principle that most people suffer pain and restricted movement due to poor structural alignment resulting in collapsed posture, muscle tightness and sometimes, pressing on nerves. A session begins with postural analysis to find weakened and restricted areas.

It provides release for the spine, chest, neck and hamstrings to relieve restricted points from the back up through the shoulders and neck.

Metabolic Breathing Exercise: Metabolic Breathing Exercise is an amazing breakthrough allowing you to increase your oxygen intake and boost your metabolic rate. With this simple yet powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique, our therapists lead you to a different stretching position to generate all muscle lengthening and strengthening.

The Chiva-Som physiotherapy team is delighted to offer this simple yet powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique allowing a total contracting of all muscle groups giving your body a “double whammy” effect.

Oxygen Power fitness: In order to effectively lose weight, the body should burn calories in an aerobic manner. Normally this means that it is necessary to exercise at a moderate intensity – about that of a steady jog. For many people however, even at a slow jog the body may not remain in an aerobic phase, but may utilise anaerobic energy cycles that are less efficient at fat burning. If the muscles start to cramp up with lactic acid it is an indication that the body is no longer working aerobically but an anaerobically.

A sustained exercise programme will improve the efficiency with which the respiratory and cardiovascular system can supply oxygen. This improves lung function, heart function, vascular efficiency and capillary growth, leading to improved endurance, correct weight balance and a sense of well-being.

To help guests reach their fitness and weight goals, Chiva-Som offers Oxygen Power Fitness sessions, which incorporate moderate, monitored exercise with supplemental oxygen. Sessions on the seated bicycle or treadmill last 20 minutes and help to increase the body’s aerobic capacity and provide a general fitness boost without the lactic acid burn. Oxygen Power Fitness sessions may be run prior to your personal training sessions for the best effect.

Re- Functional Exercise: Many people suffer from stiffness and pain in their back, neck, hips or knees due to sedentary lifestyles or past injuries which can cause muscles to weak and become restricted.

This not only can cause discomfort but can eventually lead to chronic postural pain syndrome. Doing a lot of exercise sometimes leads to more pain and discomfort as the wrong muscles are being overworked rather than the essential ones.

Good exercise doesn’t have to be strong but needs to provide strength on the right muscle. That’s why at Chiva-Som we concentrate on what really caused your problem and which muscles need to be improved. Our physiotherapists analyse your posture, muscle and soft tissue to create a specialised programme that suits your body’s needs. Rehabilitation exercise is a comprehensive exercise that combines the elements of Pilates and self-awareness through rehabilitation techniques and various equipment to ensure that your exercise is safe yet effective. The objective of this session is to give you postural correction, strengthen core muscle and increase total body flexibility.

Water Recovery
Ai Chi: Ai (love) Chi (energy), an aquatic form of Tai Chi, is a simple water exercise and relaxation programme performed using a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs and torso in a continuous pattern.

The concept is based on the ancient Tai Chi that focuses on roundness, continuity, naturalness and slowness which promotes a perfect exercise for those who have certain medical conditions including hyper-tension, diabetes and all stress-related diseases. Daily practice of Ai Chi reduces stress, improves balance, stimulates internal organs, and enhances vitality and general well-being.

The slow, gracious movements of Ai Chi not only benefit the body, but also the mind and spirit. There is “power in mind” in directed movement and it is so safe that you can practice Ai Chi everyday as your mobilisation and spiritual exercise.

H20 Therapy & H20 Body Complex: This workout is specially designed for weight loss, strengthening and toning up your body. In the swimming pool, the absence of gravity allows you to perform basic movements without the risk of injury by using water as a power gym, and still simulate many land-based exercises such as bicycle, treadmill or cross-training in a gym.

The water resistance found in every movement is approximately 12 times greater than in air. The result is a high calorie burning, toning and strengthening workout that directly improves all five aspects of physical fitness; strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance and body composition.

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It incorporates many key principles of yoga, dance, gymnastics and Tai Chi. This methodology works the joints and muscles of the entire body in a gentle yet invigorating way.