Body Treatment by Chiva-Som, Destination Spa in Thailand

Body Therapy

Accelerated Body Shaping Therapy

A stand alone treatment but highly recommended in conjunction with our Accelerated Subdermal Therapy, this treatment uses infra-red radiation bands to penetrate body tissues. Perfect for stimulating movement of localised fat around the abdomen and thighs and helpful in achieving your desired body shape.

Body Renewal Intensive

We’ve taken three of our best detoxifying treatments and integrated them into one intensive treatment. Combining Detoxifying Balneotherapy, Cleansing cocoon and Manual Lymphatic Drainage this intensive treatment will kick start your metabolism and work with your body’s own detoxification systems to improve your organ health and your overall vitality. We recommend this for any guest enrolled in a detox or weight management programme or anyone on a cleansing diet.

Detoxifying Skin Therapy

Cleanse, detoxify and revitalise your body with this versatile treatment which stimulates the body’s own natural cleansing process as it eliminates toxins from the skin and re-balances vital body energy. A dry brush is used to slough warm skin, followed by an active seaweed wrap. Particularly effective at stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, re-mineralising the body and reducing fluid retention.

Jet Lag Therapy Package

Erase the evidence of time zone changes such as physical tiredness, devitalised skin and mental fatigue with the power of Ayurvedic aromatherapy. Your therapist begins by activating specific marma or vital energy points to rejuvenate and relieve stress with a Padebhyanga hot oil foot massage (45 mins). An Aromatherapy Massage with Vata-balancing essential oils (50 mins) are then massaged into your body, grounding and reconnecting you. An antioxidant Face Revival Mask applied during the massage will generate instant revival of facial skin cells, eradicating puffiness and provide an instant healthy glow.

LPG Keymodule Endermology

This entirely new technology is the next generation in the treatment of cellulite. FDA approved, LPG Cellu 6 Keymodule mobilises scar tissue and connective tissue. It has great results for pre and post-surgical treatment and recovery and is the best choice in effectively complementing any weight management or anticellulite programme.

Moisturising Coconut Body Scrub

Locally grown coconut, finely grated and mixed with coconut oil, is applied to the body as a gentle scrub to promote exfoliation, leaving your skin soft, supple, moisturised and renewed. Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E, this treatment helps to achieve smooth skin with naturally tan appearance and is the ideal scrub for dry or sensitive skin types.

Body Therapy by Chiva-Som, Spa Thailand

Our unique blend of traditional and advanced therapies in this tranquil environment is enhanced by the caring nature of our dedicated therapists, who will nurture you through the rejuvenating and healing process to reach true balance of the mind, body and spirit.

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