Chiva-Som, Destination Spa Hua Hin Thailand - Hydro Therapy


Body Jet Blitz

Essential in any detoxification or weight management programme, the Jet Blitz is a high pressure water jet directed at the body to stimulate both circulation and lymphatic flow. Helping to detoxify, refine and invigorate the body we are able to further concentrate on cellulite prone areas or help reduce fatty deposits on the thighs, abdomen and surrounding areas.

Detoxifying Balneotherapy

We re-create the ancient ritual of treating the body with the healing and therapeutic powers of the ocean. Using specifically blended essential oils with 180 underwater jet massage, this stimulating and detoxifying treatment improves circulation, stimulates lymphatic flow and increases muscle tone.

Floatation Therapy

Experience the incredible sensation of floating in our unique domed float room. A therapy that intimately connects your body and mind. Body temperature water, highly saturated with healing mineral salts induces an extremely deep state of mental and physical relaxation, helping to eliminate stress and tension. You will feel restored and profoundly relaxed.

Chiva-Som International Health Resort Thailand - Flotation Therapy

Deep relaxation, improved circulation and pain relief are all benefits experienced with our aromatherapy spa baths. Using calming and restorative essential oil blends, our spa baths use 130 underwater jets to deliver a sequential body massage.