Thai Massage by Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Spa Thailand

Massage Therapy


From the traditional Indian Ayurvedic concept, this detoxifying treatment uses warm medicated herbal oil to release toxins, stimulate circulation and relieve stress and tension. The gentle flowing massage is then followed by a 10-minute steam in a personal steam cubicle to allow elimination of toxins and impurities.

Five Elements Massage

Experience Chiva-Som’s geothermal massage where earth, fire, wood, air and water combine together create perfect balance. Hot volcanic and cool marble stones are strategically placed onto your body’s meridian points. Restorative essential oil blends are massaged into your muscles with the stones helping you to instantly relax and ease away tensions. Feel recharged and balanced. Emerge calm. Please note this treatment uses very cold stones to stimulate the circulation and raise the effectiveness of the treatment.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Ideal for anyone on our Detox or Weight Management Retreat and for pre and post-surgical procedures. Starting with a full body skin brushing, this is a very light, slow flowing, specialist massage to reduce fluid retention and congestion, improve lymphatic circulation and the immune system.

Oriental Foot Ritual

This traditional treatment begins with a ritual cleansing of your feet and legs. Feel the tension drift from your body as your experience a deep cleansing skin polish. Our signature massage of your feet and legs and an herb-infused steamed towel wrap will promoted total relaxation and a sense of well-being.

South Indian Body Pampering

Using three therapists, this therapy originating from Kerala in Southern India is Chiva-Som’s most indulgent experience. Two therapists massage warm aromatic oils into the body while a third therapist simultaneously spreads powdered Ayurvedic herbs over the body resulting in a full-body exfoliation. Steamed, herb-infused towels and herbal poultices are then placed over the body to encourage circulation and a profound sense of relaxation. Traditionally this treatment is used for improving skin complexion and skin problems, easing joint complaints and insomnia and improving fatigue. It is detoxifying and can be used in conjunction with Chiva-Som’s detoxifying and weight management programmes.

Traditional Thai Herbal Massage

Experience Thai massage at its best with this deeply therapeutic combination of Thai massage performed with heated herbal packs to detoxify, alleviate muscular aches and pains and leave you feeling completely restored.

Thai Massage by Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Spa Thailand

Our unique blend of traditional and advanced therapies in this tranquil environment is enhanced by the caring nature of our dedicated therapists, who will nurture you through the rejuvenating and healing process to reach true balance of the mind, body and spirit.