Hania Opienski

Wellness Consultant, Acupuncturist, Naturopath, and Life Alignment Facilitator


Hania has over 15 years of experience working with energy medicine and holistic health systems, both from working in award-winning five star spas and private clinics. Hania combines the knowledge and understanding of the body and mind from degrees in traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and naturopathic nutrition with the wisdom and intuition learnt from healing modalities such as Reiki, Life Alignment, Shiatsu, Vortex Healing and Chi Nei Tsang.

Hania supports her clients in connecting to their inner power and source of knowledge, facilitating the release of limiting beliefs, fears and emotional pain for an alchemical shift in perspective leading to greater peace and self-acceptance. Her mission in life is to connect people to their innate potential and self-healing capacity, so they can live inspired lives aligned with their true purpose knowing their worth.

Life Alignment Healing

This deep energy healing works at a cellular level to transform limiting beliefs, emotional trauma and old patterns that keep you stuck in the past. By focusing on resolving the root cause, rather than symptoms, healing is fast and long-lasting. Muscle testing is used to access the body’s innate ‘higher intelligence’ to guide the session. Negative thought patterns are replaced with expanded awareness, greater self-esteem and the body and mind are energised and rebalanced through gentle emotional processing and the use of Vortex energy healing cards (see below for more details). When the mind, heart and spirit are in balance, the aura, meridians and the chakras come into harmony, and the body is free to heal.

Shiatsu & Vortex Healing                                                                                                  

Shiatsu is a form of bodywork originating in Japan, rooted in the traditions of oriental medicine, which uses the energy channels and points of acupuncture, involving non-invasive and intuitive touch combined with highly skilled stretching and mobilization techniques. This gentle bodywork releases tension for deep healing.

Vortex is a simplified Life Alignment healing technique, a subtle yet profound session where core emotional blocks and beliefs are identified and transmuted by channeling Vortex Healing using small, individually potentised, magnetic ‘vortex cards’, each with its unique energy frequency and purpose, on specific points and chakra centers on the body. These powerful cards help to transform emotional trauma and blocked energy, with minimal emotional processing, and to bring in universal energy for subtle profound healing which brings the body into balance.