Takuya Miyayama



Before starting to work out at the gym, there is an indispensable step that everyone should take. It is to make sure that you are able to perform the correct fundamental movement patterns required of the human body. If you cannot move correctly, you will not be able to improve your physical health. Furthermore, bad movement patterns are a common cause of injury or pain in various parts of the body.

Through corrective exercise, you can re-train your body to move correctly. Once you learn how to do this, and make it a permanent habit, you will appreciate how it helps prevent injuries and acts as the medicine to fix any chronic pain you may have.

We perform movement screening tests to help us select the most appropriate corrective exercises for each person. For people who currently have pain, a screening test can help to identify the root cause of the pain, because the cause is usually not at the site of pain, but in another part of the body. For people who do not have any pain, the screening test is a vital tool for injury prevention.

It is also recommended to take this program if you have had a recent course of treatment, such as massage therapy or acupuncture.

To complement our corrective exercise therapy, we also employ a unique technique of 3D stretching and active stretching.

Takuya Miyayama