Chiva-Som Lake

Special Offers for all Residents of Thailand

A journey to boost your health and wellbeing at Thailand’s leading wellness destination
Chiva-Som Taste of Siam
Chiva-Som Lifestyle Membership

If the past year has taught us anything, it is that a healthy immune system is everything. We invite you to discover Chiva-Som and our unique approach to health, with Chiva-Som Lifestyle Membership - a monthly membership now available for day guests.

Escape to Chiva-Som
Escape to Chiva-Som

Escape now to your ‘Haven of Life’, with special offers for one week, two weeks or a whole month. Retreat on a journey of wellbeing in a secure and tranquil environment, supported by our team of Health and Wellness experts. 

Indulgent Spa Retreat
All-Inclusive Wellness Vacations

Start your personal journey to true health and wellbeing at Chiva-Som… Enjoy our All-Inclusive Wellness Vacations with special privileges and benefits for residents of Thailand.

Two-Night Wellness Getaways

Mini-retreats aligned with wellness goals specifically targeting fitness, immunity and weight loss. 

Half-Day and One-Day Wellness Experiences

Try a Touch of Chiva-Som with this special opportunity for a half-day or full-day resort experience, including lunch.

Chiva-Som Guest At Suite
Wellness Vouchers

For those who can’t yet travel or wish to give the gift of wellness to loved ones, wellness vouchers can be purchased and used on multiple visits. Guests will receive 10% discount for a purchase of THB 50,000 or more and 15% discount for a purchase of over THB 1,000,000. Vouchers are valid until 31st December 2021.