Miranda Black

Acupuncturist and Specializes in Oriental Medicine


Miranda has been an Acupuncturist for over ten years, and has enjoyed treating guests at Chiva-Som since 2010. Miranda owns a health clinic in Oregon, USA, where she treats patients, teaches other therapists, and enjoys a lovely life with her husband and three-year-old son. Miranda continues to travel all over the world for work, learning more with each journey. In the past few years, Miranda has begun to specialize in cosmetic acupuncture treatments for facial appearance, but she still enjoys using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to treat a variety of ailments, and more importantly, as a form of general wellness promotion and preventative medicine.

Holistic Alternative to Anti-aging Acupuncture

According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are meridians or pathways of Qi (energy) that flow throughout the entire body. Acupuncture is a whole-body treatment regardless of what is being worked on, this treatment involves the insertion of acupuncture needles to the face, neck and body in order to reduce the visible signs of aging. To address the energy of the entire body, this service often includes facial renewal acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Gua Sha, Zen Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

While engaging in a Holistic alternative to Anti-Aging Acupuncture, you may experience some of the following changes:Improved muscle tone, decreased puffiness around the eyes, firming of sagging skin, elimination or reduction of fine wrinkles, even skin tone and improved luster of complexion and improves overall health in addition to appearance.

Miranda Black


  • January 15th - January 31st