Nirupam Gyan

Movement Meditation Specialist


A movement meditation specialist and wellbeing coach trained in different therapies and awareness practices, Nirupam has helped people transform their lives and discover their authentic self using meditation techniques. He has coached over 10,000 people in the past 20 years across Spain, Greece, The Netherlands, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Kenya and the UAE to discover the joy of being, inner harmony and a sense of balance.

Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation is the key to experiencing awareness in the present moment. As the mind tries to keep jumping around to a thousand things at a time, these choreographed movements bring awareness to our three different centres: intellectual, physical and emotional. With Movement Meditation, we experience presence in the moment, bringing harmony into our life as the mind becomes quiet and peaceful and we can feel our energy shift towards our centre.

Movement Meditation With Nirupam Gyan