Vincent Lee


Vincent Lee is Certified Rolfer® who receives his training in Boulder, Colorado and Sydney.  He graduated as a Certified Rolfer in March 2004. He was probably the first Rolfer in South-east Asia when he started 10 years ago. Since then he had worked with scores of clients with different posture and chronic health tension, which include specific problems like frozen shoulder, scoliosis, rotation of the hips, feet problems etc.


Vincent also believes in the holistic approach in a person’s health. He has learned and brought on other modalities like kinesiology (Brain Integration), allergies and Energy Psychology in his practice in Orchard Road, in Singapore. These help to achieve a good balance between the physical, emotional and mental well-being for the clients.

The Rolfing Method Of Structural Integration

Rolfing® is a validated technique of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, a biochemist, in the 1940's. Rolfing® helps to re-establish the natural alignment and structural integration of our human body. In doing so, it helps in the vitality and wellbeing of a person

As a Certified Rolfer®, Vincent Lee will examine and assess a person body posture and body. In doing so, clients with many issues such as: posture alignment,               imbalance of hips, neck and shoulders issues,  frozen shoulders, lower back issues, hamstrings, Iliotibial band and sport related injuries.