Chiva-Som Wellness Delivery


Balanced meals are created in our open kitchen by award winning Chefs using organic food, preferably sourced from Chiva-Som’s own garden. All of the menu items contain a number of health benefits with great tastes while remaining low in calories.

Dairy-free banana custard topped with cranberry granola. Good for digestion, heart health and weight control. 85 Kcal / Pro 1g / Carb 22g / Fat 0g / Contains nuts / (GF).

Banana Custard

Chiva-Som Wellness Delivery

Fluffy chocolate flourless sponge with organic yoghurt, and candied lemon zest. Good for cardiovascular health and positive moods. 177 Kcal / Pro 5g / Carb 25g / Fat 7g / Contains egg / dairy / (GF)

Flourless Chocolate Parfait

Chiva-Som Wellness Delivery

Carrot and cinnamon cake topped with yoghurt frosting and crushed almonds.
134 Kcal / Pro 3g / Carb 13g / Fat 8g / Contains nuts / egg / dairy / (GF)

Carrot Cinnamon Cake

Chiva-Som Wellness Delivery

Black sticky rice with ripe mango. 138 Kcal / Pro 2g / Carb 24g / Fat 4g (GF) / (V)

Khao Neaw Mamuang

(GF) Gluten-free  (V) Vegetarian  (S) Spicy