Health and Wellness Holiday in Thailand, Chiva-Som Health Resort - Yoga

Price List

Guests enjoy Chiva-Som for an assortment of reasons; some for relaxation and rejuvenation, other for more specific goals such as detoxifying, improved fitness, weight loss, stress relief. Some visit us for a few days others stay much longer. We recommend staying for over a week to help bring about long lasting changes.

Upon arrival you will enjoy a private health and wellness consultation with our holistic health experts. Discussing your overall health with an expert helps you determine what activities and treatments will be most beneficial for you during your stay.

You may already know what you wish to achieve once you arrive at Chiva-Som, in this case, one of our specialist retreats may be for you.

All retreats have the same price and include:

  • Individual health and wellness consultation on arrival (60 min)
  • 3 Chiva-Som Spa Cuisine meals per night of stay (arrival day will begin with dinner)
  • Complementary physical analysis (30 min) and skin consultation are available if required
  • A Daily Treatment per night stay choose from Thai Massage (50 min), Chiva-Som Massage (50 min), Invigorating Massage (50 min), Relaxing Foot Massage (50 min), Oriental Scalp Massage (25 min) or Chiva-Som Skin Haven Body Polish (25 min)
  • Participation in our daily fitness and leisure activity programme
  • Complimentary use of our Water Therapy Suite which include Steam, Sauna and Jacuzzi

Health and Wellness Holiday in Thailand, Chiva-Som Health Resort - Thai Massage

”Chiva-Som is the gold standard by which all destination spas are measured. Its name is a mantra among the spa-faithful, who have been won over by its one-to-one ratio of therapists to guests, amazing treatment list, and its peaceful setting. Whatever the motivation for dedicating yourself to a spa, Chiva-Som can fit the bill.”

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