Holistic Treatment in Thailand - Chi Nei Tsang

Holistic Treatments

Chi Nei Tsang

Thailand’s unique abdominal massage is a speciality at Chiva-Som. This internal organ massage works directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal areas where stress, tension and negative emotions accumulate. If this area is congested, the whole energy of the body is blocked, slowly weakening the internal organs, especially the digestive organs, and decreasing energy and vitality. Chi Nei Tsang massages quickly release negative emotions, tensions and illness, bringing comfort to the abdomen and vital energy to the internal organs. It is effective in the treatment of digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, gas and constipation as it eliminates toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and promotes lymphatic drainage. This treatment is an integral part of our detoxification programmes.

A course of three treatments is generally recommended in order to allow the therapist to effectively relax the solar plexus and allow energy and function to return to your digestive organs.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy was first mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls and remains one of the oldest treatments in recorded history for detoxification and cleansing of the body. Considering the nature of the foods we eat and our depleted digestive systems it is not uncommon for the large intestine to be blocked with deposits, leading to poor nutrient absorption, chronic ailments and lowered vitality. A series of colonics coupled with either a properly designed cleansing fast or a healthy, balanced diet can revitalise the body and almost immediately lead to an increase in energy, clarity of mind and better health. Many ailments such as irritable bowel, constipation, skin complaints, headaches, lymphatic congestion, parasite infections, fatigue and even emotional stress can be helped by the cleansing and decongestion of the bowel.

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, non- invasive therapy that modifies and corrects tensions in the craniosacral system. CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and correcting the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Using a soft touch generally no greater than 5 grams, a practitioner relaxes and releases restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. A profound change of the body, mind and emotion often occurs on or several days after a session. This technique is especially useful for those who have never experienced deep but gentle body work as well as those with chronic musculoskeletal conditions.


Chiva-Som offers detox programs that may be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies such as colonics. The most popular, our 3 day cleansing diet, incorporates a light diet with plenty of vegetable juices. This effectively rests the digestion, alkalizes the system and allows the kidneys and liver to begin to remove toxins. All detox programs are administered through our Naturopathic staff.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Based on the 5,000 year old principles EFT could be simply put as a ‘psychological version of acupressure’. EFT releases blocks and disturbances in the body’s meridian energy system-the electromagnetic pathways that run throughout the body – to relieve a wide range of emotional problems. It has been proven that when you have a negative thought or memory, a disruption occurs in your meridian energy system, a sort of ‘zzzzzt’ short-circuit effect happens. It is this electrical disturbance in the body that directly causes emotional and psychological problem to arise, not the initial thought.

EFT is particularly effective for:
Weight Issues – cravings. Stress and negative emotions which can make you eat, exercise issues, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, procrastination, lack of motivation and inability to maintain healthy habits for the slimmer new you. Smoking/Drinking problems – Cravings. Self-sabotage. Limiting beliefs. Social pressures. Stress and negative causes. Other conditions that respond well to EFT are phobias, fears, trauma, stress, anxiety, worries, relationship problems, sports performance, and enhancing business and financial success.

Flower Remedies & White Light Essences

At various stages throughout the cycle of life we experience physical and/or emotional trauma or discomfort. Flower remedies are a form of healing using natural flower essences to bring harmony to conditions of distress. Flower essences work by stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal itself, most often through addressing non-supportive thoughts and behaviours. This process allows for the creation of personal strength, personal insight and continued healing. Use of the flower essences leads to the understanding of the emotional reasons behind illness so that effective healing can take place. During a consultation, thoughts, feelings and any areas of concern are discussed. A personalised flower remedy will be prepared for you and instructions are given for its continued use throughout the healing process.


Homeopathy has gained a resurgence in Western countries as medical methodologies may not be the best treatment in every case. Homeopathy works on utilising small doses of a substance to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. Working deeply with homeopathics can bring about fundamental changes to the way we think, feel and react and is one of the deepest acting therapies known. Your homeopathy session will be conducted by a qualified naturopath. Where possible we may prescribe fast-acting remedies for acute and minor conditions where relevant.

Llfe Enhancement – Counselling

Qualified counselors give you the time and space to explore your inner world. Whether you need to reflect on certain issues, life direction, relationships or desires, or need assistance to help find out which of these is making you less happy, this session can be invaluable. If you are coming to Chiva-Som to gain perspective, then a Life Enhancement session will guide you there.


Meditation is barely understood in the West, and too rarely practised in the East. To non-meditators it may seem a waste of time or a fruitless search. To regular meditators it is the most stabilising, peaceful moment in their day, where understanding flows in, and contentedness in the moment is a pleasure. There are many styles of meditation and many schools of thought and techniques. Central to most is the purpose of stilling the mind and achieving a state of relaxed alertness. At Chiva-Som our practitioners can teach you a number of techniques, predominately in the Vipassan / Anapanasati style. This traditional Thai style of meditation traces its roots to the pure teachings found in Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka, unchanged since the life of the Buddha thousands of years ago. Although it’s an internal practice, it requires similar perseverance to Yoga or Personal Training. Therefore, we encourage you to have an initial lesson of 90 minutes followed by daily 1-hour sessions where your practitioner can help to answer questions, and keep you focused on your practice.

Meridian Tapping Technique

Based on the 5,000 year old ancient principles of acupuncture, but without the needles, Meridian “Tapping” Techniques is a powerful and effective way to reduce or completely eliminate your physical problem, from general aches and pains to neck and shoulder stiffness, stomach problems, headaches and backache whether acute or chronic. The techniques work on the proven principles that many physical problems are contributed to or completely caused by a block or disturbance in the body’s meridian energy system a 14 micro-electromagnetic pathways that run throughout the body. By gently tapping on very specific and powerful energy points these blockages are released and relief is given.

Naturopathic Consultation

The human body is a complex organism with the innate ability to heal itself when we learn how to listen to it and respond by supporting its needs. In spite of the stresses our bodies endure through exposure to environmental toxins, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, inactivity or emotional suppression, our bodies serve us well. Unfortunately the body can only stand so much, and continued pressure will lead to deterioration in the state of health. For many this deterioration may be mild discomfort, or a gradual worsening of symptoms. At this point one has a choice to suppress symptoms with drugs, or to find the cause and take corrective action. The Naturopathic approach seeks to find the causes of any symptoms and implement appropriate changes. With enough support and a reduction of the underlying stress (be it dietary, physical, emotion, etc.) the body will naturally seek to cure itself. Without support the body has no choice but to weaken and suffer.

Naturopaths use herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies, nutritional supplements, lifestyle correction, exercise, detoxification and the concept of food-as-medicine to help put your health back on track. Chiva-Som maintains stocks of herbal and nutritional practitioner-only products, which may be recommended during the consultation for specific healing purposes.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Established over 25 years ago. NLP is a successful form of modern psychology and counseling. Neuro relates to mind, and how it works using your five senses. Linguistic relates to how people express and experience their world through their use of internal and external language. Program relates to how people behave according to personal programmes, which govern their ways of being.

NLP provides ways for you to understand how you and others think, how to become more competent, more in control of thoughts, feeling and actions. It shows you how you ‘code’ your reality, through awareness of the images, language and feelings. For example, how do you know you like or dislike someone? How do you know when a past memory is good or bad? When you understand the specific ways your brain makes distinctions through your senses, then it is easier to make changes. NLP unlocks the resources, abilities, and creativity that you already posses in order to eliminate problems or do what you already do even better.

NLP is particularly effective at building good rapport and business skills, being more influential and persuasive, getting along better with other, improving self confidence, improving self-image and esteem, removing old behaviours and installing better one, controlling or changing the way in which you think about things, and improving awareness of the negative language you use to yourself and others.

Nutrition Counselling

How well do you understand your own nutritional needs? Most of us have some idea of what we should eat but all too often we don’t have any idea if our dietary patterns even cover our most basic needs. Nutrition is poorly covered in standard medical teaching, and with the plethora of fads and diets out there, it is confusing to know whom to trust for reliable information. At Chiva-Som our nutritional consultation focuses on you. Rather than a prescriptive “Eat like this” attitude, we focus on educating you about the basic requirements of the body, where to get your nutrition and what effect foods such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins have on the body in terms of both weight control and nutritional support.

For most health problems, nutrition plays a major role in the development, progression or resolution of that condition. If you have worries about an irritable or irregular bowel, high cholesterol, diabetes or problems such as low immunity, cancer or heart disease, inflammatory conditions, arthritis or just about any other medical condition, then your nutritional state is the foundation upon which your future health will depend. The way you support your body nutritionally can make the difference between having a strong body or being on medication for life.

For weight loss, an understanding of some basic nutritional and physiological parameters will give you the knowledge to assess your own diet regularly and an understanding of how to lose or gain weight. We can assist with calculating your caloric needs, and provide guidelines to help you understand how to stay within the boundaries.


The art of foot reflexology comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and gives invaluable information on the health and function of many organs and body systems. At the same time it is a complete treatment, and heaven for tired feet.


A deeply relaxing treatment where the body’s natural healing ability can become more fully activated. The therapist will bring you to a relaxed state by placing hands on key points of the body. The technique of moving energy into the body thoroughly rebalances all the body’s energies. This treatment is highly recommended for those seeking relaxation and those who are sensitive to pain, emotions and their environment.


Shiatsu is a classic Japanese massage which systematically diagnoses and treats the body’s meridian systems according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kanpo systems of medicine. This massage is particularly suited to those who feel their energy just doesnt flow, who are exhausted and are physically run down.

Holistic treatment in Thailand

Holistic Health is a key component of Chiva-Som’s Health & Wellness concept. Holistic Health maintains a staff of doctors, nurses, naturopaths and therapists as well as specialist consultants, all of whom have a commitment to providing a holistic approach to your health needs. In this sense, Chiva-Som is one of the pioneers of integrative medicine and continues to develop this as a core function.