Aldo Privileggi

Intuitive Hypnotherapist (Classic & Modern), Past Life Regression (Q.H.H.T) Counsellor, Yuen Method Practitioner & NLP


Aldo Privileggi is an intuitive hypnotherapist with broad international experience. He is the author of “Man is Moving Beyond Sickness”, a book of tools for the transformation of oneself. He resides in Hong Kong practicing Hypnotherapy full time at the Natural Path Center, Central Clinic. He has worked in the UK, U.S.A., Australia, China, Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, and more through his journey of learning, growing and sharing. Guest speaker train for organizations and events, such as the Asia Evolution Annual Yoga Conference (AYC), Hong Kong University, ‘Real Man’ Conferences on topics such as Hypnosis, Corporate teambuilding, ‘Real Man’ courses, Health & Well-being, Health Radio, Subliminal Programming and other related topics.

Hypnotherapy & Quantum Healing

Hypnosis is a completely natural but altered state of mind, similar to sleep, which is an altered state of mind, but, when you are in hypnosis you are not asleep at all. Hypnosis alters your state of consciousness in such a way that the analytical left-hand side of the brain is distracted or bypassed, while the more creative right-hand side is made more alert. The conscious mind is diverted or distracted whilst the subconscious mind is woken up. Since the subconscious mind is much more powerful and determines your habits, emotions, feelings, unconscious behaviors and attitudes, it is here in the subconscious mind where Hypnotherapists specialise in positive change work.

Group Class Experience- Hypno/Meditation Workshop

In this class, each guest will be provided and fitted with their own, professional wireless headset with personal volume control. Specially designed, soft Hemi-Sync tones & music are played in the background of headsets whilst Aldo connects with his guides and SCHF (Super Conscious Healing Frequencies) through his Intuitive faculties and simultaneously uses his voice and intention to draw Healing Energy into the group session through the headsets for Individual and group healing. He combines his skills and training to produce a truly revelational, deeply rejuvenating, relaxing and beautiful experience.