Sustainability at Chiva-Som

We believe personal wellness goes hand-in-hand with environmental wellness and that companies should conduct themselves using responsible and ethical business practices, policies and initiatives. That’s why, since opening in 1995, we have nurtured a healthy, safe and vibrant community, operated as an integral part of Hua Hin and played our part in protecting the Earth.

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Through environmental stewardship, we aim to continually decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. We approach carbon neutrality by engaging in alternative energy, renewable energy and carbon-offsetting programmes.

Greenhouse Gas

Energy efficiency, conservation and management are part of our collective mission. We decrease usage and dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels and electricity through energy-saving technologies and practices.


We minimise water consumption through water-saving practices and use of innovative technologies. Rainfall is harvested within the resort, and our ongoing policy to lessen water discharge from our boundaries safeguards external sources from pollution.


We preserve and optimise our ecosystem without damaging it. The resort was designed to adapt to the biodiversity and contour of the terrain and built to make minimal impact. By propagating indigenous species, we make our presence sustainable.


We nurture the environment and give back to the community via our support of the Preserve Hua Hin Group. All proceeds generated from sponsored events go to funding environmental awareness, education and preservation activities.

Social and Cultural

Our resort lives within seven acres of land. Our multi-level facilities, accommodation and restaurants blend traditional Thai architecture with natural diversity. Before renovating the resort, we always analyse land use and impact first.

Land Use

We maintain Chiva-Som as a sanctuary free from the distractions of the outside world, by avoiding any noise-producing devices. The use of mobile phones and personal computers is not permitted in public areas. The resort is also smoke-free.

Air Quality and Noise Control

Through resource recovery practices, waste water is collected and purified onsite in a multi-stage treatment process consisting of carbon and sand filtration. This water is then reused for landscape irrigation and maintaining resort lake levels.

Waste Water

Plastic, glass, metal, wood and paper go to a recycling facility, while perishable food items are distributed to local livestock farmers for animal feed. Plant waste from garden maintenance is converted into nutrient-rich compost for future planting.

Waste and Recycling

We comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental protection laws, regulations and requirements, for the protection of staff, guests and the environment. Eco-friendly products are used place of potentially hazardous substances.

Harmful Substances

Chiva-Som Hua Hin Community

We continually work towards improving the health, wellbeing and livelihood of the community. We do this by focusing on social welfare programmes, hiring local staff and, whenever possible, purchasing local fresh food, products and services.


Chiva-Som Garden

We communicate the objectives and practices of our policy on environmental and social sustainability to staff and guests. This increases awareness, carries forward our intentions, and encourages our suppliers to meet our sustainability goals.

Sustainable Education

Chiva-Som's Sustainability Awards

‘Most Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Company’
Bangkok Post Readers’ Choice Awards 2021

One of the ‘50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders 2020’
Bloomberg L.P.

‘Best Coastal Operation’
Travel Daily 2019 Travel & Tourism Sustainability Awards (Australia)

‘Certificate of Merit’
Sustainable Business Awards 2019 (Thailand)

‘Green Era for Sustainability Award 2017’
Otherways Management & Consulting, France

‘Green Era for Sustainability Award 2016’
Otherways Management & Consulting, France

‘Winner of Intel-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award’
Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility 2015 

'1st Place Sustainable Development in Tourism for Urban Accommodation’
Skål International Awards 2015

‘1st Place Green Spa’
Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards 2015

‘1st Place Sustainable Development in Tourism for Urban Accommodation’
Skål International Awards 2014

‘1st Place Sustainable Development in Tourism for Marine/Coastal Tourism’
Skål International Awards 2014 for Krailart Niwate Mangrove Ecosystem Preservation & Education Center

‘Top Ten for Best Eco-Spa’ SpaFinder Wellness Readers'
Choice Crystal Awards 2013

‘Best Environmental Conscience’
Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards 2012