Choosing the Best Wellness Retreat in Thailand

Choosing the Best Wellness Retreat in Thailand

Choosing a Wellness Retreat in Thailand

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When choosing the best wellness resort in Thailand for your needs, you should look at your resort choices holistically. You ideally want to choose a resort that takes a pure approach to its role as a wellness provider. This means finding a resort that pays the same amount of attention to the sustainability of their operations as they do to the wellness of their guests. 

By looking into a resort's mission and ways of working before booking your stay, you can choose a resort that provides as much support to the local community and natural environment as it does to your body, mind and spirit. 


What is a wellness retreat?

A wellness retreat is a multi-night stay at a resort that allows you to devote your complete focus to achieving predetermined goals. People embark on retreats to improve certain aspects of their physical, mental or spiritual being. Your retreat might be a way to thoroughly cleanse your body of all the toxins it has accumulated. It might be a way to change and intensify your exercise routine to achieve better fitness. Or it may be a way to teach you how to eat better and maintain your weight.

By joining a wellness retreat at a beautiful resort that also serves as a wellbeing retreat centre, the surroundings provide positive stimuli during your stay. These stimuli can act as a reinforcement to continue with the self-improvement discipline once you've left the resort.


Choosing the Right Wellness Resort

Embarking on self-improvement requires you to feel good about the environment you'll be staying in. This means choosing a resort that takes the term 'wellness' literally and runs its operations in a sustainable manner.

Chiva-Som is a leader in this aspect of resort operations. The resort has an environmental and social sustainability policy that governs its operations and assures the resort is using responsible and ethical business practices on a daily and ongoing basis.


Chiva-Som is active in the local community


Chiva-Som is active in the local community. Their governing policy has led to the support of the Preserve Hua Hin Group. Chiva-Som sponsors and helps organise community events that spread awareness and education of both social welfare issues and the conservation and preservation of the natural environment in and around Hua Hin.

Chiva-Som also maintains close ties to the community by hiring local staff and sourcing much of its fresh food, products and services from farmers and businesses in the community.

The Chiva-Som resort grounds in Hua Hin were designed and constructed to make as little impact on the surrounding ecosystem as possible. They were designed to adapt to the contours of the existing terrain and to use indigenous trees and plants to create a habitable environment for guests and local flora and fauna. Rainfall is harvested within the resort to lessen overall water consumption and make the resort less dependent on city resources. The harvested water is combined with recovered wastewater and then purified in a multi-stage innovative carbon and sand filtration process. The purified water is then reused for irrigation and maintaining the levels of the resort's lake.

Before performing renovations on the seven-acre Chiva-Som resort, engineers and architects analysed the area to preserve the natural watershed, habitats and other functions of the location. The multi-level facilities at the resort blend Thai traditional architecture with the natural diversity of the surrounding area to lessen the environmental impact.

The resort educates and communicates its policies to its staff, guests and the local community. This increases local awareness and encourages suppliers to improve the products they supply to Chiva-Som as well as their other customers. 


Stay at a Life-transforming Wellness Resort in Thailand

Chiva-Som takes its responsibility to the community and surrounding natural environment seriously. Implementing a policy that governs its social and environmental responsibility ensures that the resort is pure in its intentions and practices. This helps guests enjoy their stay more and concentrate on their own self-improvement.


For your next wellness holiday, consider the variety of innovative retreats offered by Chiva-Som at our beautiful, luxurious, and sustainable resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. 

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