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Chef Keisuke Matsushima at Chiva-Som

Keisuke Matsushima Cuisine

Chef Keisuke Matsushima at Chiva-Som

- Wellness Cuisine

To celebrate the brand new Emerald Room design at the resort, we are delighted to welcome Keisuke Matsushima, a Fukuoka born Chef who specialises in French cuisine, to the ‘Haven of Life’. Chef Matsushima will be preparing his own cuisine recreated with a wellness touch, exclusively at the Emerald Room. Chef Matsushima was awarded Chevalier of the L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of Arts and Letters) and L’Ordre du Merite Agricole (Order of Agricultural Merit).

People are becoming more aware of wellness and I really look forward to visiting the renewed Chiva-Som. The destination is known globally and I’m sure I will learn various things from my visit here.


In addition, guests have the opportunity to cook with him and learn his techniques in a cooking class.

Chef Matsushima will be available from 8th to 11th December. This exclusive event is available for in-house guests of Chiva-Som, booking in advance or whilst at the resort is advised.

I hope to teach the secrets of the umami taste to the chefs at Chiva-Som and will be introducing the taste into the dishes I’ll be creating there.


Keisuke Matsushima is a Japanese chef who specializes in French food. He opened Keisuke Matsushima restaurant in France in 2002.

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