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Chiva-Som Announces The Arrival of Zulal Wellness Resort

Chiva-Som Announces The Arrival of Zulal Wellness Resort, Qatar

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Zulal Wellness Resort

Chiva-Som has announced the launch of a new wellness destination in Qatar and its largest wellness destination, the Middle East’s first full-immersion wellness resort, and the world’s first centre for Traditional Arabic Integrative Medicine (TAIM), slated to open in the second quarter of 2020. Msheireb Properties, Qatar’s leading developer, has appointed Chiva-Som to operate and manage Zulal Wellness Resort in Khasooma, a private coastal location to the north of Qatar. This is the first management and operating contract undertaken by market-leading wellness resort brand Chiva-Som, whose flagship in Hua Hin, Thailand has won global acclaim. Representing a key departure for Chiva-Som, the resort will encompass a family wellness offering alongside their more familiar Guests above the age of 16 formula. 

The name “Zulal”, which refers to “purified water”, is inspired by a people’s historic journey across land to the sea and the ever-present search for water, the seed of life - a concept that encapsulates the history, culture and heritage of Qatar. Drawing on Chiva-Som’s many years of expertise catering to an exacting global audience whilst retaining an inextricable connection with the local culture, Zulal Wellness Resort will offer the highest international service standards rooted in traditional Qatari hospitality. Spanning 280,000 square metres, the resort is around one-hour drive from Qatar’s international hub in of Doha, offers excellent accessibility from across the globe. A specially developed menu of Arabic and Mediterranean wellness cuisine, as well as cutting-edge architecture and services inspired by local heritage, will ensure the position of Zulal Wellness Resort as a true showcase of Qatari culture, both traditional and modern. 

Zulal Wellness Resort


Reflecting Arabic values, Zulal Wellness Resort will actively cater for families alongside its Guests above the age of 16 offer. Underpinned by the belief that wellness is for everyone, the estate will feature a Family Wellness Resort with 120 guestrooms and suites which will welcome guests of all ages, promoting family bonding through shared experiences whilst also offering dedicated children’s activities. As part of Chiva-Som’s commitment to always respond to guests’ feedback and demands, the development of the family offer represents the opportunity for families to experience, learn and practice wellness together, introducing children to healthy living from an early age. The adjacent Wellness Resort with 60 suites and villas will cater for individuals, couples and groups of adult wellness travelers looking for total immersion and world-class programmes and facilities.


Msheireb Properties worked on the resort’s design, which reflects the inspiration for the name whilst echoing the principles of the Chiva-Som flagship in Thailand. Landscaping will feature ponds and water features arranged around a series of serene shaded walled gardens; a narrative inspired by memories of sea-bound travelers finding welcoming shelter in local villages.

Zulal Wellness Resort


Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Mr. Krip Rojanastien, said of the launch:  ‘We are delighted to announce the opening of this project, on which we’ve been collaborating with Msheireb Properties. This is the first time we have embarked on a management and operating contract since the opening of our resort in Hua Hin in 1995.  We are excited and proud to have created something completely new with Zulal Wellness Resort, which is the first in the world to showcase Traditional Arabic Integrative Medicine (TAIM), whilst retaining the Chiva-Som DNA at every touchpoint.   The ability to serve families in particular offers guests great flexibility, and we hope it will inspire wellness for a new generation.’

Staying true to Chiva-Som’s core principles, the resort will operate sustainably and adhere to environmentally friendly practices, as well as using some locally developed specialty products.  Exceptional facilities will set a new standard for health resorts the world over, featuring fully integrated holistic programmes alongside state-of-the-art international treatments.

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