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Chiva-Som Launches Wellness Delivered Programmes

Chiva-Som Launches Wellness Delivered Programmes

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Chiva-Som has launched a new offering, the Wellness Delivered Programmes to support individuals’ wellness goals. One- and three-day programmes are customised to align with individuals’ interests or health concerns, from weight management and detox, to immune boosting and physical de-stress. These unique programmes include online consultations, physical training, and a wellness cuisine home-delivery service.  

Participants’ journeys will begin with a consultation with one of the resort’s experienced wellness team via video communication, to work one-on-one to clarify individual goals and tailor a bespoke programme to follow at home. Participants will then receive a follow-up consultation with a naturopath and a physiotherapy, yoga, meditation or exercise session with a practitioner, depending on the desired objectives.  No matter which programme is selected, participants will enjoy three nutritious meals per day. The menu includes a choice of over 40 delicious dishes available for home-delivery, which range from salads and soups, to main courses, desserts and drinks. In a unique collaboration with Michelin star Chef Dan Bark, from Upstairs Mikkeller in Bangkok, the menu showcases Chiva-Som’s philosophy of fresh, organic, natural ingredients with Chef Dan’s signature cooking techniques and distinctive presentation.

The Wellness Delivered Programme by Chiva-Som is currently available in the Hua Hin area. Price for a one-day programme is THB 4,500 per person and for three-day programme, THB 13,000 per person.

Chiva-Som Wellness Delivery


In addition to the Wellness Delivered Programme, Chiva-Som is also offering deliveries of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers directly from the resort’s Organic Gardens. These items are grown without the use of harmful chemicals and the gardens follow simple practices such as composting organic waste from the resort to produce a nutrient-rich fertiliser. 

Chiva-Som’s Organic Gardens live at the heart of the resort’s wellness cuisine concept. In these plots of fertile land, the gardeners nurture the growth of a variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits and other edible plants for chefs to work with. Both of the Gardens received IFOAM accreditation in 2017.

Chiva-Som’s wellness cuisine delivery selection has also added new items in the menu and a selection of dried foods. The delivery is available daily from 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Chiva-Som Wellness Delivery


To place an order of Wellness Cuisine Delivery or to make an enquiry, please contact Chiva-Som by email at, or call + 66 (0) 32 536 799.

To book a Wellness Delivered Programme or for more information, please contact Chiva-Som’s Health & Wellness team by email at or call + 66 (0) 32 536 791.

The official line account for these services is @chivasomdelivery

View the full menu here

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