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Chiva-Som Marks 25th Birthday with Year-Long Celebrations

Chiva-Som Marks 25th Birthday with Year-Long Celebrations

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Chiva-Som will mark 25 years in operation with a series of special celebratory events, promotions, service enhancements and new product offerings throughout 2020. Comprehensively renewed and re-energised after a five-year, top-to-toe refurbishment, the resort embraces the new decade with enlarged bedrooms, complimentary butler service, an updated signature retail product range and  a host of other service and product enhancements that herald a new era for Asia’s first comprehensive wellness retreat and destination spa.

The past quarter-century has seen Chiva-Som build an enviable reputation as a world leader in inspiring optimal health and well-being. Guests are motivated and supported throughout their journey by knowledgeable, caring staff who address their goals with Chiva-Som’s inimitable heartfelt hospitality. In today’s digital world, the resort’s commitment to an innovative, holistic approach, which provides transformation of mind, body and spirit through personalised programmes, is more important than ever.

Following a five-year phased refurbishment programme, the new Chiva-Som opened for business in October 2019, revealing exquisite interiors defined by light, space and understated, contemporary comfort.  To complement the new redesign, the resort has introduced a host of enhancements to its service offer.   Along with generous enlarged new bedrooms, guests in all room categories now benefit from access to a butler; four pieces of laundry per day included in their room rate; and a selection of complimentary healthy snacks from the minibar. Improved post-stay aftercare ensures guests have ready access to the team.  

Total Body Instability Exercise


New facilities include a re-functional exercise studio, combining physiotherapy and fitness for optimal performance, as well as a remodelled Niranlada Medi-Spa.  A host of cutting edge new physiotherapy and spa treatments further enhance an already encyclopaedic wellness offering, cementing the brand’s longstanding position as a pioneer in the wellness industry.  An Isokinetic Dynamometer helps with leg mobility and balance, whilst new spa services include 100 per cent natural LPG facials which use a non-invasive, non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique to help treat a range of skin conditions. Fitness innovations include MOTR training, a multi-functional, core trainer enhancement for Pilates using a foam roller.   

2020 will also see the beginning of a new chapter for Chiva-Som, with the launch of Zulal Wellness Resort in Khasooma, a private coastal location in the north of Qatar.   The resort will be managed and operated by Chiva-Som in the first such contract undertaken by the brand, and its first ever venture outside of Thailand. Slated to open in 2020, Zulal Wellness Resort will be the largest wellness destination in Qatar, the Middle East’s first full-immersion wellness resort, and the world’s first centre for Traditional Arabic Integrative Medicine (TAIM).

Zulal Wellness Resort

Zulal Wellness Resort, Qatar

We are immensely proud of what we offer and have created, which is more than a resort; Chiva-Som is a community, a family and a lifestyle.


Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Mr. Krip Rojanastien, said of the milestone: “I have grown up at Chiva-Som and seen it evolve over the past two and a half decades into what it is today.  We are immensely proud of what we offer and have created, which is more than a resort; Chiva-Som is a community, a family and a lifestyle. As the resort embarks on its 25th anniversary year in 2020, we hope it will continue to inspire wellness for clients old and new for many years to come.”.

Indoor Bathing Pavilion


General manager of Chiva-Som International Health Resort Hua Hin, Vaipanya Kongkwanyuen, said of the anniversary:  “In addition to our new wellness treatments and services, we’ve recently completed the renovation of the entire resort to enhance our guests’ journeys to optimal wellness. It brings us great delight to see everyone enjoying themselves in the new Chiva-Som and the compliments received from our guests have just been amazing!”.

Chiva-Som’s genuine approach to wellness extends to the wider community, with educational opportunities and global sustainability initiatives at the core of everything the brand does. The resort is committed to operating to the world’s highest environmental standards and as ethically as possible. Chiva-Som’s dedicated sustainability team is scrupulous in continually developing policies and practices for energy efficiency and conservation, wastewater treatment and reuse, freshwater conservation, waste minimisation and recycling, air-quality management and environmentally friendly product use.   Chiva-Som also continues to spearhead Krailart Niwate, a mangrove preservation and environmental wellness project, and invest in the next generation of wellness practitioners at the Bangkok-based Chiva-Som Academy.  

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