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Chiva-Som Wins Top Honours at Inaugural Travel & Tourism Sustainability Awards

Chiva-Som Wins Top Honours at Inaugural Travel & Tourism Sustainability Awards

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Krailart Niwate Mangroves Hua Hin

Chiva-Som International Health Resort has been awarded the Best Sustainable Travel and Tourism Initiative – Coast, Coastal Business/Operation at the inaugural Travel & Tourism Sustainability Awards presented by Travel Daily at a ceremony held at Primus Hotel on 30 April.

Believing that personal wellness goes hand-in-hand with environmental wellness, Chiva-Som has long maintained a strong commitment to developing and upholding sustainable initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and giving back to the local community.

Chiva-Som has been the environmental preservation steward of the last remaining mangrove forest in Hua Hin, Thailand since 2007. Over 5,000 trees have been planted to reforest the Krailart Niwate mangrove and Chiva-Som funded the construction of a 1,000 meter elevated boardwalk throughout the forest to raise awareness on the importance of mangrove ecosystems and promote eco-spiritual tourism in the region.

Krailart Niwate Mangroves Hua Hin


The resort employs a holistic approach to sustainability with a range of initiatives such as resource recovery practices where waste water is collected and treated onsite. This water is then reused for landscape irrigation and maintaining resort lake levels.

Plastic, glass, metal, wood and paper go to a recycling facility, while perishable food items are distributed to local livestock farmers for animal feed. Plant waste from garden maintenance is converted into nutrient-rich compost for use at Chiva-Som’s two IFOAM-accredited organic farms.

Energy efficiency, conservation and management are also part of Chiva-Som’s collective mission. The resort decreases usage and dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels and electricity through energy-saving technologies and practices.

With a focus on nurturing the local community, Chiva-Som supports social welfare programmes, hiring local staff and, whenever possible, purchasing local fresh food, products and services. The resort has thrown its support behind Preserve Hua Hin Group with all proceeds generated from sponsored events going to funding environmental awareness, education and preservation activities.

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