David Stojanovic

Metta Holistic Healer


David was born with what some might call a ‘sixth sense’ - a supernatural awareness of emotional energy. Since childhood, he has been extremely sensitive to the energetic vibrations of emotions, attitudes and physical ailments of people, places, animals and objects - he can literally feel and experience other people’s emotions and symptoms as if they are his own.

For most of his life these extrasensory abilities overwhelmed and confused him, causing him to push them away. 10 years ago, a shift took place and ever since he has been educating himself and learning how to use this gift for good. Through practicing his craft, David became aware that he is not only a clairsentient empath, but also has the ability to manipulate, move, give and take energy.

Based on this discovery, David developed an energetic healing technique called Metta Healing, which allows him to feel physical sensations in the body and sense how they are linked to emotions in the mind.

Metta Healing

This treatment is gentle yet profoundly healing. During the initial session, you may feel energy rushing through your body with or without touch as David uses his hands to sense where there are energy blockages in the body and then connects with your subconscious mind to understand the root causes of your pain.

Based on this Metta Healing reading, your body will allow David to divine your physical, mental, emotional and energetic needs.

The energy healing offered through Metta Holistic Healing differs from Reiki and other similar services in that David’s gift allows him to not only give energy, but he’s also able to take away energy that isn’t serving you well. This unique ability is seldom found with other holistic practitioners.

To fully harness the energy he offers, David recommends booking four healing sessions. Schedule the first and second sessions with a day in between. Following that, daily sessions are advisable, ideally with a day of rest in between. During the initial session, David elevates your energy, but extended gaps between sessions may cause energy levels to diminish initially.

To maintain high energy levels, it is recommended to complete the four sessions within a 10-day timeframe, rather than exceeding 14 days.


David Stojanovic at Chiva-Som Hua Hin