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Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

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Earth Day 2020


Earth Day 2020 is on the 22nd April with the theme of “Climate Action”, which is the greatest challenge for all of us. Since the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015, almost five years have passed and the target of limiting the global temperature increase below 1.5°C has not shown any positive changes. It is also worth mentioning that this year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

View the video of Chiva-Som as one of the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders here.

In the 2015 Paris Agreement, the participating countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreed to a common target: to hold the rise in global average temperature “well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius.”

Year after year the energy demand for all sectors is increasing and this rising demand is fulfilled by conventional energy sources which are mostly derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. While there is considerable growth in the renewable energy sector, its implementation is much slower than the ever-increasing demand.

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We have seen that climate change has impacted many areas of the social, environmental and economical sectors. From rising energy costs, more frequent, extreme weather events, and massive threats to the world’s food production, to the fastest recorded melting of glaciers are creating a threat to human life as well as all living organisms on our planet Earth.

This year Earth Day reminds us of the urgent need for our collective effort, commitment, and action to reduce the ever-growing energy demand and dependency on fossil fuel-based economies (both producers and users). As individuals of our planet’s human population, we all have the responsibility to do our best to limit global warming by minimising our energy and natural resource consumption, producing less waste and even growing our own food at home.

Together with the global community committed to Sustainability and a safe environment for the present as well as our future generations, the Chiva-Som family would like to emphasise the importance of action against climate change and we welcome all of you to join with us by practicing simple actions that will help lead us to a healthier environment in the future without further delays…

Here are some actions you could do to play a part in supporting our earth:

  • Plant a tree and maintain it for two years
  • Go digital and use less paper
  • Prepare your own food, grow what is possible to grow
  • Say no to single-use plastics
  • Eat less meat
  • Use public transport, share your car
  • Separate your waste and make recycling effective
  • Take your own bag when shopping
  • Do not use packaged water, use a water filter to refill your own bottle

 - By Dilshan David, Corporate Director of Sustainability and Compliance at Chiva-Som.

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