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Chiva-Som’s Global Wellness Day 2021 Activities

Chiva-Som’s Global Wellness Day 2021 Activities

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Global Wellness Day 2021

Chiva-Som celebrated the 10th annual Global Wellness Day in 2021 by supporting local community wellness as well as streaming virtual wellness classes celebrating with a global community.   

Valuing the aim of the day, Chiva-Som staff, in corporation with the Preserve Hua Hin Club, provided assistance and supportive resources to help the Karen Communities in the Padeng district of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

At a critical time in the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced people to stay home, this was a necessary step in containing the disease. Due to economic hardship, many Karen villagers live with inadequate nutrition and in precarious situations, lacking a sufficient supply of medication. The group realized the seriousness of the plight, especially those families living in remote areas who are most affected.

The group, led by Mr. Vaipanya Kongkwanyuen, Chiva-Som’s General Manager, donated goods worth 24,000 THB which was raised by donations from Chiva-Som staff and other generous patrons. The items included medicine and first aid essential supplies, hygiene disinfectants and other necessary life-living supplies such as surgical masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol gel and medicine, as well as construction supplies and equipment for repairing the village’s collapsed bridge.

Mr. Surin Kaenchan, an assistant village chief leader of the community, and several Karen children came to the resort to collect the donation on behalf of the villagers. He further distributed the donation to support a community of 40 Karen-Pakakeryor households and more than 400 people in shelters at several locations throughout the Pulau area.

Furthermore, to increase motivation in living well and providing wellness support worldwide, Chiva-Som in corroboration with its sister Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som in Qatar organised a 12 Hours of Transformational Online Celebrations on 12th June 2021 hosting complimentary virtual classes. The one-day event was conducted by expert advisors and practitioners from both resorts and received a remarkable participating by audience from around the world.

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