Jonas Westring

Yoga Therapist


Originally Swedish with decades both in Asia and USA, Jonas began the practice of yoga in 1981 and has dedicated his life to holistic practices ever since. Experienced in a multitude of healing modalities his primary qualifications and focus are in holistic physiotherapy, yoga education and yoga therapy. He is the founder of ‘Shantaya Physio & Yoga Therapy’ and has been teaching yoga, bodywork and therapeutics around the world for the past 30 years. Jonas enjoys educating and transmitting the essence of yoga and its therapeutic potential with insight, clarity and joy.

Yoga Therapy

The Art & Science of Yoga Therapy combines ancient yoga wisdom practices with modern research by utilising technology from yoga, physiotherapy and the best of contemporary mind-body science. Welcoming each person in their current state, Yoga Therapy guides them toward optimal well-being with the aim to educate and inform; create increased mind body awareness, system integration, pain relief and provide guidance away from habits and tendencies that limit the full potential for well-being, radiant health and ease of living. Considering each individuals’ unique circumstances, Yoga Therapy is a powerful modality that provides holistic education and a direct experience of what is possible in this moment.

Jonas Westring