Kim Mccormack

Health and Nutrition Coach


Kim has had a unique and exciting journey to realising her passion for health and wellness. In addition to her own experience as an athlete she has worked with her own autoimmune condition. Kim is a certified Nutritionist, specifically in Autoimmune Protocol nutritional therapy and Keto nutritional therapy and acquired extended education at the Institute for Functional Medicine. She has been in practice for 33 years, and is well known and sought after by visiting athletes of all sports but in particular triathlon, cycling, and running. Her desire to help others access their best life came out of her own struggles, and successes related to those looking to improve the quality of their daily lives. Those who know that a prescription isn’t the end of the line and that there is much more that can be done to feel better and support ongoing foundational health. She is very motivated and excited to help people feel their best and loves getting to the deeper cause of their health challenges.

Health, Nutrition and Massage Therapy for Active Bodies

You’ll be provided a therapeutic massage, offered pre- and post-care for anyone who exercises, and assisted with recovery. These treatments encompass different forms of massage and muscle manipulation to help treat sports injuries and muscle strains. This helps to reduce stress and tension that can build up in the body from exercise or strenuous activities and also help to correct muscle imbalances caused by repetitive motions, as well as aid recovery and prevent injury. You will also receive sports nutrition counsel, no matter what level of sports you are involved in. My nutritional services provide a foundation for you to heal digestive health, increase energy, and realize longevity in your health span. The nutrition plan created for you is based on you and your needs. Everyone is different so your nutrition should be tailored to you.

Kim Mccormack Health and Nutrition Coach