Lucja Maslowska

Certified Meditation Teacher


An expert in massage therapy and Chinese medicine in London, UK. Lucja is holds a Masters in Nutrition. A maestro in medical massage and bodywork, she combines the art of nutritional counseling and mindfulness to guide you towards a harmonious life perspective. Based in London, Lucja has devoted her career to enhancing the lives and wellbeing of others as a Health Specialist and Nutrition Coach.

A certified Meditation Teacher, Lucja is also a qualified Massage Therapist from the Swedish Institute, New York. She has the unique ability to understand her clients' needs and design a therapy approach to address those needs effectively. She offers her deep knowledge, experience, and coordinated services of massage, nutrition and meditation to help her clients achieve a lifestyle that enhances their quality of living.

Medical Massage

A completely bespoke therapeutic treatment that starts with an in-depth understanding of your body and areas of concern. This treatment will target your muscular tension physically and energetically and improves your flexibility thus reducing the risk of injury. Strong pressure is applied to help ease the muscles and improve blood flow working on deep layers and connective tissue.

Assisted stretching alleviates strain on joints to increase your range of motion and to relieve built-up tightness and tension, relieving you from  chronic pain in your muscles and joints.

Cellulite Massage 

A revitalising treatment focusing firm pressure on the glutes and upper legs that is ideal for targeting cellulite. Perfect for anyone with circulation issues, leg muscle fatigue, swelling, numbness, and cellulite concerns. Rhythmic strokes lift and revitalise the skin and connective tissue surrounding the muscles. Enhanced muscle temperatures reduce stiffness and inflexibility, alleviating restrictions. This treatment bolsters blood circulation and accelerates lymph fluid movement, resulting in a lighter, more relaxed body that feels tighter and revitalised.

Intuitive Massage

The Intuitive Massage treatment is designed to work with any physical or emotional concerns by integrating different healing modalities into the session. The hands-on interaction adeptly senses and communicates energy flow blockages in meridians, chakras and the aura, unblocking pathways, and freeing trapped emotions and stagnant energy that can manifest as physical pain. This process not only reduces stress and tension but also facilitates the unhindered flow of natural energy. Ultimately, this guidance helps individuals tap into their body‘s source energy, fostering spiritual and physical advancement.

Lucja Maslowska Visiting Consultant at Chiva-Som Hua Hin