Masa Sugiyama

Anatomy Beauty Therapist/ Holistic Health – Japanese Beauty Treatments


Originally from Japan, Masa has lived in France since 1997. Masa was involved in projects as a professional dancer in the National French Dance Company troupe from 1999 to 2005, including a world tour of dance in over 15 countries. In 2006, Masa received the Diplome d’Etat (a State Diploma of France for teaching dance) by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. She then pursued the study of anatomy for movement in dance. Masa became certified in the Gyrokinesis method in 2007 and in the Gyrotonic method in 2009. In 2013, Masa obtained certification in the Eric Franklin method of movement and in the Japanese therapeutic massage Depreopathy. In 2011, she added the therapeutic and energetic method Reiki to her repertoire, certified by Okuden and Theata Hearling.   Masa presents the natural face lifting method (SEITA for beauty; a Japanese manual therapy) for French fashion magazines. (Vogue, Madame Figaro, GRAZIA, Votre Beauté, etc). After 10 years of teaching in the field of the anatomy and the movement and 8 years of experience as Cranial therapist, she founded her own method named the ‘MASA METHODE® ‘in 2017.

Cranium, Face and Neck Sculpting

This energetic cranial therapy differs greatly from other techniques treating the bone structure of the face, the neck and the head. Masa’s gentle, precise and dexterous movements loosen the bones little by little and drain and release toxins.  The small touches that she exercises on the face stimulate blood circulation and boost the lymphatic system. Her use of Japanese traditional face brushes stimulates, activates and increases immunity. Through the release of tension and proper relocation of the temporal bones, your face will be sculpted into its ideal structure with your cheekbones more elevated.  Thanks to this deep tissue cleansing, the dermis can better absorb the active ingredients of beauty products, for example moisturizer and make-up. The skin firms up and better resists the appearance of wrinkles. After the session you will feel relaxed and calm with a real sensation of well-being, as if you’d just come back from vacation. Your eyes feel rested, the skin smooth, and the face looks open.

Masa Sugiyama