Nick Sutherland

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Emotional Healing and personal empowerment specialist


Nick is a leading practitioner in his field and highly regarded by his peers, he has been a mentor for students at training academies and is often sought to speak and present at industry events and workshops. He has been interviewed on top rating podcasts and radio stations around the world, worked with Olympic, Commonwealth and Hall of Fame athletes, done countless keynote presentations and, most importantly, helped thousands of people to regain control of their own happiness and health through the MyndFit Program which he personally developed.

Living a more empowered life

Having experienced and overcome crippling anxiety and severe depression after serving as a reconnaissance soldier in the army, Nick’s new mission is to empower people to become responsible for their own happiness and health.

Through his own experience, plus 10 years of working with clients in private practice, Nick has identified 5 fundamental things people need to do in order to remain happy and mentally healthy. With this knowledge, Nick can quickly identify the red flags or core issues creating most people’s problems and then advise them of healthier pathways to take.

Buddhist and Stoic philosophy underpins Nicks work in which he uses therapeutic modalities such as CBT, clinical hypnotherapy, reality therapy, choice theory and NLP. Coming from a lived experience and military background, Nick’s approach is straight forward and common sense, making it easy for his clients to understand and implement their new self-management strategies.



  • November 1st - November 24th