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Online Intensive Wellness Series

Chiva-Som is a pioneer and leading voice in facilitating wellness lifestyle transformation in our clients, through innovative health retreats and expert advice on evidence-based natural wellness practices. Once again, our wellness experts bring to you the best in health-inspiring services through the Chiva-Som Online Intensive Wellness Series, an in-depth journey into featured services delivered in a successive series of interactive sessions, designed to gradually enhance your knowledge, strengthen your abilities, and most importantly, gain maximum benefit for your health and wellbeing.

Pilates Intensive Series

Pilates Intensive Series

Our Chiva-Som fitness experts are proud to offer through our online wellness platform, the Pilates Intensive series, ideal for Pilates enthusiasts as well as beginners. The series includes seven sessions conducted over a six-week period, specially designed to gradually enhance your strength, flexibility, and mobility while tailoring the sessions to fit your individual needs. Our expert Health & Wellness Advisor will first meet with you virtually to discuss your wellness goals, followed by a session with our Fitness Instructor to assess your current capabilities and comfort level with Pilates. Each subsequent session will build on the previous lesson, as your Fitness Instructor advises on your technique, shares insightful tips, and addresses your questions, until finally you emerge with a solid foundation, enhanced confidence, and profound health benefits with your Pilates routine.

Session 1: Health & Wellness Consultation
Your Health & Wellness Advisor will meet with you for an initial consultation and to discuss your objectives.

Session 2: Pilates Screening & Introduction to Breathing
Our trainer will analyse your joint mobility, stability and balance to identify your physical abilities for your bespoke programme design. The introduction to breathing focuses on inhaling and exhaling during movement to help the body move in a more efficient way.

Session 3: Core Management & Axial Elongation
This session is essentially about good posture and stability. You will learn how to create ‘length’ that helps prevent compression and damaging shear forces, while placing the body in the optimal position to increase freedom and efficiency of movement. In addition, you will understand the components that make up the core muscles and the type and variety of exercises that are effective in enhancing core strength & stability.

Session 4: Healthy Spine
This session is all about flexibility and you will learn ways to move your spine correctly, including movement that helps mobility and lowers the risk of injury.

Session 5: HNS Organisation
Overview of ‘H = Head, N = Neck and S = Shoulder’. We teach you how to exercise and position the head, neck and shoulders properly, which affects quality of movement.

Session 6: Alignment & Weight Bearing Exercise
This session focuses on exercises involving hands, feet, elbows and knees.

Session 7: Movement Integration
Pilates is about being ‘whole’ with our body, in other words, synchronising your mind and body through movement. Through all the acrobatic, precise and unique exercises, we end up with something simple: a coordinated and agile. This session also teaches exercises that integrate the movement of many joints in multiple planes of motion.


Yoga Intensive Series

Yoga Intensive Series

If you’re wondering how to begin a daily yoga routine, we have the perfect yoga intensive course for you. Our yoga instructors will take you through a series of movements and postures that strengthen and relax the mind and body. You will start with the basics of yoga and graduate to more advanced sequences, based on your personal abilities and comfort level. Your instructor will be with you every step of the way to guide and motivate as you acquire the skills of yoga for lifelong support of health and wellbeing.


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