Palma Michel

Meditation teacher, Mindfulness teacher, Mindful leadership advisor, Executive coach, Reiki Practitioner and Motivational Speaker


Palma Michel is a sought-after meditation teacher, mindfulness teacher, mindful leadership advisor, executive coach, Reiki practitioner and motivational speaker. She is a qualified lawyer and the author of The Authority Guide To Mindful Leadership, which offers simple techniques to manage yourself and others and effect broader change. Palma is the co-founder of Profuse29 and also an ambassador for The Leading Culture Destinations Awards. Palma offers meditation and mindfulness as a way to hack your neurobiology and increase selfawareness, which is the first step to self-mastery. Her aim is to empower her clients to live with more presence, inner peace, gratitude and love for life. Her volunteering work at St Joseph´s Hospice and Mind Charity gives Palma a unique perspective on living life right NOW with a sense of urgency and meaning. Palma´s international client base includes CEOs, investors, philanthropists, founders and companies such as Yahoo and Mario Testino+. She teaches with passion, sensitivity and insight, gained from years of personal practice and professional training.


Mindset Reprogramming for Weight Loss & Detox

These sessions work in tandem with weight loss and detox programs that your clients might be running. We will look at ways of reprogramming the mind and strengthening impulse control in order to break undesired past behaviors and create healthy new eating habits.


A deeply restorative, calming and relaxing treatment. Palma uses the ancient Japanese healing technique of Reiki to help you activate your body´s own innate self-healing capabilities. The session will be tailored to your individual needs and can help you boost your energy, de-stress, bring you back into balance, ease physical pain or release blockages that have been holding you back. Palma is working in an intuitive and deeply nurturing way and you will leave the session deeply relaxed, peaceful and energised.

Reformulating Sleep

Many of us feel tired but wired and struggle finding the quality sleep we need in order to access our full potential. Lack of sleep increases our stress, lowers our moods, impulse control, performance and wellbeing. This session explores how to use de-stressing and mindfulness techniques to find peaceful rest at night.

Personal Counseling for a Balanced a Happy Life

Though the definitions may vary, one thing most of us can agree on is that people generally want to be happy. In recent years, research has considered whether this pursuit of happiness is worthwhile, looking for evidence of its physical and mental benefits. These sessions look at the science behind happiness and explore how to live your best life by learning simple evidence-based practices that can bring more joy and fulfillment into your days.

Palma Michel