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Remembering Edward Tuttle

Remembering Edward Tuttle

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Chiva-Som Health and Wellness Reception

Designed by Ed Tuttle, Chiva-Som's Health & Wellness reception

Today we would like to pay our respect to American architect, Edward Tuttle, who passed away on 21st June. Mr. Tuttle was a legend in the design industry who transformed properties all over the world.  We will miss him greatly.

In a relationship spanning several years, Ed Tuttle and his team at Design Realization brought a new dimension to the resort’s stunning architecture.  He understood the resort intimately first as a guest and secondly as a designer, and he breathed tranquility and serenity into the guest rooms, restaurants and wellness areas.

Ed Tuttle

Chiva-Som Chairman and CEO, Krip Rojanastien with Ed Tuttle

"Ed Tuttle was more than a designer; he was our visionary partner and friend. The way we took Chiva-Som from one era to another, while retaining its heart and soul, is to be remembered. His commitment to minimalism and subtle elegance will inspire generations of designers to come. Ed now leaves his distinct legacy in iconic properties all over the world. We miss him dearly."​

Krip Rojanastien – Chairman and CEO, Chiva-Som

The classic draftsmanship and working style of Mr. Tuttle captures an epoch of legendary architects whose work was created by sketching in a way that differs from the digital-driven architects of today. Mr. Rojanastien saw his approach as perfectly fitting the design philosophy of Chiva-Som and established close professional relationship and friendship with Mr. Tuttle up until his passing.

We would like to share our appreciation of what Edward Tuttle and his team has accomplished as a new chapter for Chiva-Som, and our admiration for his life lived with passion and commitment.  May he rest in peace.

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