Richard Wickes

Kung Fu Master/ Tai Chi Practitioner/ Specialist in osteopathic techniques and energy therapy Healer


Richard Wickes is a Psychology graduate and is both a German licensed massage therapist and professionally trained Naturopath. He specializes in holistic techniques which view the body, mind and spirit as a union. He is also a Grandmaster of Chinese martial arts as a Kung Fu and Tai Chi master. His approach is more about the philosophy and life lessons which are present in these meditative self-developmental arts. He has been a practitioner for over 35 years, and a teacher over 25 years.


This is a Holistic Manual (hand) Therapy. It considers each person on many levels. The body is a physical manifestation of an energetic framework which holds our vitality. Chronic issues are often caused by hidden irritants: past infection, physical trauma, operations, emotions, and pregnancy amongst other issues. The Yin-Tegrity touch can literally ask the body tissues questions and, only after listening to the answer, is it clear what is needed. The treatment is “Yin” or soft, stretching and nourishing. It helps the body realign itself from the deeper layers may be causing multiple issues. Even without a complaint, this treatment will help you rejuvenate and build your constitution.

Using a comprehensive evaluation of the whole body and energy, a priority is set to allow maximum benefit for the whole.

Yin – means deep internal, stretching, softness, and yielding. Yin-Tegrity denotes a wholeness on all levels.

Specialist Tai Chi and Qigong Class   

In these classes, Tai Chi Qigong and Tai Chi will be regulating, harmonizing and rejuvenating our vital life force energy- Qi. Qi is a traditional Chinese concept which has many forms. This isolation of stillness and movement is a golden road to build the Tai Chi Structure. We will also learn how to use this energy by the sharing of martial applications.

Richard Wickes