Stephen Kirwin

Neuromuscular and Orthopedic Sports Massage Therapist


Stephen Kirwin BA, CMT is a graduate of the University of Colorado and The Boulder College of Massage Therapy. He is from Boulder, Colorado (USA). Stephen has been a practicing neuromuscular and orthopaedic sports massage therapist for over 22 years.

He is a 12 time Ironman triathlon finisher and has competed in numerous other mountain bike races and trail running races. While in private practice in the sports Mecca of Boulder, Colorado, he worked directly with such athletes as Ironman champions Scott Tinley and Dave Scott as well as members of Lance Armstrong’s 7-time champion Tour de France cycling team.

In addition to sports personalities, Stephen also works with 2 time Oscar winner Hollywood star Kevin Spacey and well known producer Oliver Stone. With well over 20 years of endurance race experience Stephen knows the body in motion, as well as all the muscular dysfunction and pain that can hinder an active life style and healthy work place.

Passive, non-direct massage therapy styles often leave the body in a state of reflexive stress from not getting the release one needs for healing, detoxification, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. Stephen currently has private practices in integrative wellness centres in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Finland, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands and USA.

Healing Energy - Neuromuscular Therapy and Corrective and Restorative Bodywork

Stephen ties in a unique blend of structural integration, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral therapy and genuine deep tissue therapy to help you meet your goals and get you back to a freer, looser form, so you can enjoy your work and play more.

Here are some examples of the techniques Stephen uses in his therapies:

  • NMT, Neuro Muscular Technique to remove trigger points that cause reflexive muscle stress throughout the body.
  • Removal of myofacial adhesions that restrict muscle movement and lower muscle strength wattage.
  • Release of deep muscle toxicity causing chronic muscle pain and dysfunction that traditional visceral detox such as fasting and colon cleansing methods can’t release.
  • Increase of lymphatic flow to the tissues that dramatically improves the function and efficiency of the immune system.
  • Skillful deep tissue bodywork and myofascial release combined with cranio-sacral movements, awakening the body’s own inner physician leading to recovery and self-healing.
Chiva-Som Stephen Kirwin