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Summer Wellness Tips

Summer Wellness Tips

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Summer Wellness Tips

With summer here, now is the perfect time to check in and do some self-care to make sure that this summer goes off without a hitch. From finding new ways to play, skincare and summer wellness tips these tips will help you cruise through the sunny season.

Check in on your skin

Make sure to exfoliate! Exposure to the harsher summer elements like sun, wind, and dry air can create a buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Gently removing dead skin allows nutrients from your skincare products to penetrate deeper and more easily into skin. Just make sure not to overdo it. Two or three times per week is enough for most people. Also make sure to use a product that works well for your skin type.

It addition, make sure you are protecting your skin with a solid sunscreen. Sure, it’s important that we get vitamin D from the sun, but staying out in the sun for long periods of time can do much more harm than good if we’re not properly protected. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is good, but don’t forget to seek shade and cover when you can too!

Plant Something

There’s really just something almost elemental about raising up some plants, digging your hands into the dirt and harvesting to fruits of your labor. Summer is great time to spend some time outdoors and get into gardening.

There is good science showing that gardening is fantastic for our wellbeing. A 2020 study found that gardening supports high emotional wellbeing, including feelings of happiness and meaningfulness. A large 2021 survey of about 6,000 people found that gardening several times a week was associated with higher levels of perceived wellbeing, less stress, and more physical activity.

The emotional benefits of gardening can be quite profound. The process of tending to a garden can provide that sense of stability, control, and gratification needed in concerning times.

Digital Declutter

The flowers coming out and blooming in the early spring signal the start of spring cleaning for so many us. Rolling up our sleeves and cleaning our homes from top to bottom is a pleasurable and almost cathartic experience for so many of us. This year, take that same energy and apply it to your digital home.

Every year we live more and more of our lives in the digital world. With our inboxes overflowing, and 20-something browser tabs open, it’s only fair that we spend some time cleaning it out. Here’s a few tips to get you started. 

Streamline you homescreen or desktop. Move pictures and documents into folders and get rid of unused shortcut, apps and icons. The more there is for eyes to take in, the harder it is to think clearly.

Speaking of unused apps, its probably time to delete them. Regular notifications about playing games, or leaving ratings for apps is distracting and can be an insidious way to monopolize your attention. If its been months since you used an app, send it to the trash bin.

Take the time to unsubscribe from newsletters. And not just the junk you’ve accidentally or unknowingly signed up for. Take some time to critically think about the automated mailing lists you are on. Are these mailings making you happy? Or are they making you feel like you are missing out on something? Take stock and kick some to the curb.

So these are our three top tips for making this summer a happy healthy summer. Try one of these tips or try them all. Summers are meant for fun so make sure to get out there and have some.

 - By Dr. Tal Friedman, ND at Chiva-Som

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