Virginie Claret

Reiki Master and Holistic Practitioner


Gifted with an exceptional intuition and sensitivity as well as a solid knowledge of the Chi - energy network in and around the body, her sessions are unique experiences encompassing the physical and the more subtle realms of one’s being through a combination of massage and energy medicine. She is a graduate of the Arizona School of Integrative Studies and of the Harner Shamanic Foundation in the USA and has been collaborating regularly with exclusive hotels and wellness centers around the world for the past 15 years.

Integrative Massage

When the natural flow of energy is obstructed, disordered, and depleted, the body becomes diseased. Following the meridian lines of the body, this massage assesses the Chi-vital energy in the organs and systems of the body, releases blockages and balances the flow.

Transformational Bodywork

Injuries and chronic diseases damage the energy network within the body and can prevent a total recovery. This treatment combines Virginie's variety of bodywork techniques with energy medicine to enhance the body’s healing process.

Single Pointed Therapy

Psychological and emotional wellbeing are health foundations. This session starts physical and unravel deeper and beyond to bring back wholeness and peace.

Multidimensional Healing

Exploration of the self, scanning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of one’s being and ending with a thorough energy cleansing. Fosters the ability to navigate through life with grace with renewed confidence and clarity.


Virginie Claret


  • April 1st - April 30th