Virginie Claret

Reiki Master and Holistic Practitioner


Virginie is a Natural healer, and as such, healing energy passes through Virginie’s hands melting aches and pains in the body, soothing the spirit and bringing strength to the heart. A graduate of the Harner Shamanic foundation in the USA and of the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, she is blessed with the sacred knowledge of journeying, and brings you the information you need today, for your life, now. Highly skilled at assessing CHI-life energy, Virginie is a Reiki master of exceptional intuition and a licensed massage therapist with a strong background in medical studies. She has also benefited from the teachings of Mantak Chia and Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche as well as several other prominent masters to whom she feels tremendously indebted and forever grateful. She has over 12 years’ experience in the field of healing arts and has been working internationally with top spas and wellness centres around the world.

The Healing Touch Experience

The physical body is a complex energy network and health is optimal when one’s CHI-life energy is free flowing throughout the body.  Acting on the physiological systems and organs of the body, this session dissolves the knots, restores the flow and brings your body back into a state of harmony using a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and meridian cleansing energy work to rejuvenate and relieve the body of any tension.

Virginie’s healing touch is beneficial for anyone struggling with illness or injury as well as stress, emotional issues and any physiological malfunctions or nervous system disorders. 


The Oracle Experience

This session is a multidimensional energy cleansing and exploration of the self, both familiar and surprising, followed by a thorough energy cleansing at every level and in all dimensions and realms.   Virginie travels with you through time and space to access and bring back messages and information relevant to the here and now.  A transmission of energy individually tailored to clear and rebalance concludes the experience.

The oracle experience can break deeply ingrained patterns and functioning, bringing clarity and understanding to one’s challenges and life journey and restore one's being into wholeness, full power and freedom. Meet your true self on a voyage of discovery to the core of who you really are.

Virginie Claret