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Wellness On The Go

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Wellness On The Go

As we start to see international borders begin to open up and travelers eager to book their next destination, it’s essential to take necessary precautions to protect your health and safety during travel.  Here are a couple of tips to consider for safe traveling this year:

Zen Travel

For most of us, the idea of stressful situations – crowded airports, rushed schedules, and the overwhelming feeling of disorganization – is a natural and familiar part of the travel experience.  But stress is tough on the immune system, leading to decreased protection against infections including colds, flus, and COVID-19.  The best way to prevent this stress-induced immune weakness is by preparing ahead of time and giving yourself ample time to reach your destinations.  If you find yourself in an unexpected jam, take a moment to focus on your breath, re-center, and approach the situation with a calm demeanor.

Pack Snacks and Hydrate

A return to travel means a return to convenience foods, either in the airport, on the road, or in a restaurant.  Remember that nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy immune function.  Without the essential dietary elements needed to support immune health, the body can become susceptible to illness.  Combat this issue by preparing foods in advance, such as nut and seed mix, baby carrots, protein bars with minimal refined sugars, or other foods that are easy to carry in your bag.  Also, it’s very easy to forget to drink water so stay well hydrated by carrying your own reusable metal bottle that can be carried through security and filled inside the airport terminal.  Good nutrition and hydration will help keep your immune defenses on guard during your travels.

Sit Down and Mask Up

The internet is fraught with misinformation on the protective benefits of wearing a mask when gathered in closed spaces with others.  Face masks help prevent the spread of infections through stopping the passage of respiratory droplets in the air that could potentially be carrying an infectious agent.  This method is till our number one defense against the spread of COVID-19 when social distancing is not an option.  Most travelers are now doubling up on masks, using a surgical-type mask as the inner layer and a tight-fitting cloth or N95 mask for the outer layer.  Please protect yourself and your neighbors by continuing to wear a mask, especially when traveling in close proximity with others.

Plan Your Sleep

Many people want to “hit the ground running” once they’ve arrived at their destination.  Travel has a way of disrupting normal sleep patterns, especially if you are traveling across time zones or suffer from regular sleep disturbances.  Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining the health of our immune system (as well as all other body functions) and when it becomes inadequate or poor quality, the body’s immune defenses start to weaken.  Schedule “sleep recovery” time into your travel plans for the first few days, making sure you have adequate rest once you’ve arrived at your destination.  You can use sleep aids such as Melatonin (with your doctor’s permission) to combat jet lag or relaxing scents like Lavender, to ease the mind and help with inducing restful slumber.

Dr. Jason Culp, ND - Chiva-Som International Health Resort

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