De-stress and Unwind at our Beachfront Spa Resort

De-stress and Unwind at our Beachfront Spa Resort

De-stress and Unwind at our Beachfront Spa Resort

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Wellness spa hidden in the lush gardens of a beachfront spa resort.

Chiva-Som's beachfront spa resort.

Most of us lead stressful, hectic lives that create tension and anxiety in our minds and bodies. And this can have a detrimental effect on your health, especially if you develop unhealthy eating habits to cope with the daily stress of life.

Living in a city exacerbates that stress which builds and snowballs over time. It’s natural to want to seek rest and rejuvenation to recharge with a spa treatment and the best place to do that is at a restorative beachfront spa resort.

The first step to restoring your health is with total relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body and to be transported far from daily stress and anxiety.

Chiva-Som is located in one of the most scenic locations in Thailand. Situated near the beachfront on the Gulf of Thailand, you will be greeted by the relaxing and intoxicating smell of the salty sea breeze that will transport your mind to a state of relaxation and allow us to guide you back to full health.


Your journey back to good health starts with access to the right information for your health and diet and at Chiva-Som we offer a range of rejuvenating retreats that span from 3 to 14 nights, all aimed at improving your overall health and well-being. The longer you stay, the more time we have to support and guide you.

Although we offer many different retreats, they all include:

  • Accommodation

  • Individual health and wellness consultation

  • Three wellness cuisine meals per night of stay, beginning with dinner the day you arrive

  • Complimentary physical analysis (optional)

  • Complimentary skin consultation (optional)

  • Daily fitness and leisure activities (up to twelve classes daily)

  • Unlimited use of the Water Therapy Suites (steam, sauna, and Jacuzzi)

  • A complimentary daily treatment per night of stay. Choose from: Thai Massage, Chiva-Som Signature Massage, Invigorating Massage, Relaxing Foot Massage, Oriental Scalp Massage, Chiva-Som Skin Haven Body Polish, Hydrotherapy (Detoxifying Balneotherapy, Flotation or Jet Blitz), Manicure or Pedicure

  • Post-stay wellness follow-up

  • Complimentary in-room minibar

  • Complimentary laundry (four pieces/day)

Your home during the retreat will be one of our 54 luxurious rooms that were recently renovated. There’s a choice of Thai Pavilions surrounded by lush gardens or Ocean Side Rooms that overlook the Gulf of Thailand.

Chiva-Som Retreat Packages

We offer 15 different retreats for our guests at our luxurious resort in Hua Hin. These are some of our most popular retreats:

  • A Taste of Chiva-Som - This retreat is perfect for those experiencing Chiva-Som for the first time. Upon arrival, a Health and Wellness Advisor will guide you through our menu of treatments and activities to map out your journey with us based on your objectives. 

  • Art of Detox - The Chiva-Som team will guide you through a detoxification process that will cleanse your body of the harmful toxins that inhabit your body in a safe and controlled environment with our health and wellness consultants assisting you every step of the way. We will support you at every step as your body takes this journey towards a better you. 

  • Spa Wellbeing - This retreat was developed to restore your sense of health and bring your mind back to equilibrium and away from the daily stresses of your life. It combines physical fitness classes and several different treatments to choose from to give you a well-deserved relaxing escape. 


Working with numerous health and wellness experts, we have developed a number of treatments to bring your mind and body back into equilibrium to guide you back to a positive state. We also have a clinic that’s specially dedicated to aesthetic treatments called Niranlada Medi Spa. 
Below are some of the treatments we offer:

  • Signature Herbal Massage - A massage that blends deep pressure techniques with heated fresh Thai herbal packs combined with your choice of Chiva-Som’s massage oils. This rejuvenating treatment uses herbal packs to warm up your tired muscles before our therapist massages your whole body using their forearms, elbows, and thumbs to release tension. This deeply relaxing massage targets the muscles in your legs, back, neck and shoulders. 

  • Shirobhyanga - A rejuvenation therapy that focuses on the imbalance within our bodies. This is ayurvedically diagnosed and then treated with individually selected medicated oils during a head massage. Attention is given to the marma points (acupressure points) that will release blockages deep within to stimulate lymph drainage. Our head is the centre of our whole nervous system and benefits greatly from a focused and stimulated massage. Shirobhyanga can alleviate stress and strains that cause tension, fatigue and insomnia.  

  • Chi Nei Tsang - A massage unique to Thailand, the treatment focuses on the naval and surrounding abdominal areas that accumulate stress, tension, and negative emotions. Any obstruction or congestion in this area would mean that the positive circulating energy of the body is blocked which will slowly weaken the internal organs and decrease energy and vitality. Chi Nei Tsang helps to quickly relieve these negative emotions and tension to bring comfort to the abdomen and channel positive energy to the internal organs. This massage is beneficial to those with digestive problems. We recommend a course of three treatments to extract optimum benefits from this type of massage. 

We have a range of activities and exercises aimed at improving your overall health that is led by some of the best trainers and instructors in the industry, including:

  • Built upon the science of breath, the practice of pranayama teaches relaxation through deliberate respiration. The benefits of regular practice include slowing the heart rate and increased relaxation. Proper breathing techniques can encourage personal healing and transformational growth. 

  • Anapanasati Meditation - A meditation exercise that focuses on your breathing. 

  • Gyrokinesis - Combining the benefits of yoga, dance, Tai Chi, and gymnastics to help you stretch deeply for overall total body health. 

At Chiva-Som, we put you at the centre of everything we do as we guide and support you in becoming a better version of yourself. Book a stay with us and be on your way to better health.


We offer a vast array of treatments at our Chiva-Som spa resort.

We offer a vast array of treatments at our resort.


At Chiva-Som, we put you at the centre of everything we do as we guide and support you in becoming a better version of yourself. Book a stay with us and be on your way to better health.

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