Visit an Oceanside Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand

Visit a Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand

Visit a Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand

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Weight loss in Thailand starts with healthy eating habits.


If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and have not achieved your goals, you may be left wondering what approach to weight loss is the best for you and whether a retreat could be the answer. Chiva-Som is a health and wellness resort located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. We offer several retreats that each address a different facet of health, wellness, and taking positive steps to improve the way you live. The retreats offered at Chiva-Som are educational and lifestyle-oriented. Our goal is to prepare you for a successful life away from the resort. To achieve this, our staff gently encourage a change in your lifestyle by providing you with the knowledge and awareness to see past your old habits and help give you the strength to take a new, different, and much healthier path.

Chiva-Som’s sustainable weight loss programme is made up of three parts: detox, general health improvement, and physical fitness. When you book a stay at our retreat in Hua Hin, you’ll have complete access to all the physical fitness programmes and classes we offer. You’ll also be able to get expert guidance on how best to reach your goals. Our experts will teach you how to keep the weight off and how to avoid old unhealthy eating habits.


Different Approach to a Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand

Mindful eating is the approach Chiva-Som takes to weight loss. It’s a practice based on Zen Buddhism. It’s a self-calming method and a natural way to achieve the weight loss that has otherwise eluded you.

In mindful eating, the focus is on living in the moment and paying attention to every bite of food - appreciating its taste, texture, and colour and recognising the nurturing effect it has on the body. It focuses on the individual's sensory awareness to raise their appreciation of the food they consume.

With the mindful eating approach to weight loss, you don't focus on counting calories. The approach doesn't divide foods based on their individual fat content or the amount of carbohydrates it contains. More importantly, it refrains from linking the meals to any specified weight outcomes. By removing the cause and effect of dieting from the retreat, guests are able to focus on the health characteristics of the food itself.

Guests at our retreat may know that their weight is linked to their consumption of food and their expenditure of calories. This may be affecting their behaviour and the amount of stress and anxiety they have towards the seemingly impossible achievement of weight loss.

Mindful eating is a process-oriented rather than a results-oriented approach to weight loss. Guests choose the food and the amount they eat. With this new approach mealtime is less of a punishment and more of a ritual which often sees guests eating less, and enjoying what they’re eating more. They also tend to choose foods that are healthier for them.


Benefits of a Change of Scenery

Luxury weight loss retreats are gaining in popularity. These retreats remove the outside pressures and the necessity to try and conform to a misguided ideal of society. They can make a major difference to people suffering from confidence and self-esteem issues.

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Visit a Retreat to Focus on Your Goals

Chiva-Som is a destination where guests can enjoy a supportive and healthy atmosphere where the community works together without judgement.

Many eating habits are developed over the course of a lifetime. They may be ingrained by your parents and family and may remind you of a happy childhood. But they can also contribute to weight issues. Realising you need to lose weight is the first step towards taking control of your life.

Take a step towards health and happiness by visiting one of the best weight loss retreats for adults in Thailand. Book a stay at Chiva-Som, learn about the concept of mindful eating, and start on the path towards a new life where you’re in control of your future.

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