What are the Main Benefits of a Yoga Retreat?

What are the Benefits of a Yoga Retreat?

What are the Benefits of a Yoga Retreat?

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Start the day at a yoga retreat in Hua Hin.


Experience our yoga retreat at our resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. You can immerse yourself in this ancient, healthy, and widespread practice while enjoying all the luxury facilities at our resort on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. 

With today’s focus on health and well-being, yoga has become immensely popular around the world. It's no wonder. Yoga provides a variety of mental and physical benefits. Yoga can help people of all ages to function better. It improves strength, balance, and flexibility. Older people who have taken up yoga later in life report their range of motion has greatly improved, and they suffer fewer aches and pains.

The pain relief benefits of yoga are well-known, and yoga is often recommended by doctors to help ease back pain and arthritis symptoms. Yoga also can improve your circulation and the health of your heart.

People who practice yoga often sleep better at night and are more alert yet relaxed during the day. They enjoy more energy and happier moods, and the relaxing effect of yoga helps people manage stress better.

The key to all these benefits is the slow and steady pace of the movements. Yoga focuses the mind inwards. It's a meditation as well as a form of exercise. In practicing the moves, your mind and body work in harmony, and you listen to your body to know just how far you can push it to achieve the movements and poses.

Many yoga movements stretch your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and, in time, you're rewarded with a greater range of motion and more supple and smooth movements. Your muscles become stronger and better able to support you as you begin to push your body.


Value of a Yoga Retreat

As the popularity of yoga continues to grow and the skills of those practicing it improves, more people are interested in experiencing a yoga retreat. 

Chiva-Som’s yoga retreat builds on your yoga knowledge and skills. We offer an immersive experience in a beautiful environment conducive to practicing yoga.


Everyone can benefit from a yoga retreat.


Chiva-Som’s Yoga for Life Retreat

Chiva-Som’s Yoga for Life retreat offers emotional and mental balance, mindfulness, relaxation, and general health improvement. The retreat is open to adult yoga practitioners, beginners or advanced. 

Chiva-Som’s experts help beginners start their yoga journey by teaching the right techniques to use and guiding them as they advance through the asanas. Advanced students can expand their exploration of yoga by learning Ayurvedic cleansing and meditation techniques.

The yoga retreat is available for a three, five, or seven-night stay. Included in the package is your accommodation, an individual health and wellness consultation, and three of Chiva-Som’s wellness cuisine meals per day.

We also provide a complimentary but entirely optional physical analysis and skin consultation and up to twelve leisure and fitness activities a day.

Guests are invited to use our water therapy sites at any time of the day. These consist of a steam room, sauna, and Jacuzzi. We also offer our guests a complimentary daily treatment each night of their stay. Choose from:

  • Thai massage 
  • Chiva-Som Signature Massage 
  • Invigorating Massage 
  • Relaxing Foot massage 
  • Oriental Scalp Massage 
  • Chiva-Som Skin Haven Body Polish
  • Hydrotherapy (which includes a choice of detoxifying balneotherapy, flotation therapy, or Jet Blitz)
  • Professional Manicure or Pedicure

Throughout your stay you will have access to a complimentary minibar and a laundry service for up to four pieces of clothing a day.

You’ll also enjoy a daily deep cleansing back treatment that will open your pores and improve the health of your skin.

Before your departure, we’ll provide you with a post-stay wellness follow-up and offer tips to help you continue your wellness journey after you’ve returned home.


Yoga Training

Each day of your stay, you’ll enjoy yoga classes and practice. You’ll learn yoga poses and the ancient practice of breath regulation called Pranayama. Mastering Pranayama will enhance your enjoyment of yoga.


Experience a Wellness Retreat at Chiva-Som

Bookings for yoga retreats are always popular at Chiva-Som. Immerse yourself in this healthy and popular form of exercise and explore the benefits of yoga in the beautiful surroundings of Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand.

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