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World Earth Day 2021

World Earth Day 2021

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World Earth Day 2021

On 22nd April we commemorate World Earth Day, 2021. This year's theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’. Our planet concluded the year 2020 recording the 2nd highest average global temperature on record. There were many climate issues that are directly related to climate change and millions of people and farmlands were affected, resulting in massive economic losses and environmental damage. Even the COVID pandemic showed us some of the negative effects of human activities and indicated the need for environmental healing.  

Our planet needs rest and restoration. The current phase of population growth, resource consumption, waste generation, and plastic pollution is creating enormous pressure on our environment and, unfortunately, all these aspects are creating more damage rather than reversing it. As per current statistics, to fulfill the current resources needs, we need a planet that is 1.5 times larger than our home, the Earth.  

We prefer to have a healthy life, and we always embrace the relationship between wellness and a healthy environment. A healthy and resourceful environment will provide maximum support for our wellness goals. Quality and the success of our occupation, physical and mental health, recreation, and a healthy food supply depend on the quality of our environment. We may consume organic food, use an electric-powered vehicle and separate our waste, but, we may not always consider the origin of the food that we consume, although it is organically grown. We many not think about the primary energy source of the electricity needed to power up our electric vehicle, nor the final disposal point of our separated waste. 

Currently, our planet’s climate is changing in a rapid phase, despite our positive efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission and plastic pollution, as well as our positive efforts towards other environmental issues. Ever-increasing global temperatures and their related impact reminds us of the magnitude of attention and participation needed when giving a hand to nature to help our planet heal. We, as a leader in wellness and sustainability, are committed to demonstrating the importance of wellness, and to making our operations more sustainable. We invite all of our stakeholders to join us in our efforts, and contribute in your own way to heal and restore our environment, not only for our benefit, but for millennia to come. 

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