Angie Tourani

BodyTalk Practitioner


Angie Tourani is Hong Kong’s only Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified BodyTalk and MindScape Instructor, since 2010.  She specializes in working with emotional issues, anxiety, immune system weaknesses, digestive issues and hormonal problems.  Angie's qualification from the cutting edge PaRama College of Life Sciences with Founder of BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim, helps her in providing state of art health care services for her clients.  Angie’s intensive training with meridians, chakra’s, consciousness work, the micro-biome, and Body Chemistry gives her tools to get lasting results with her clients at physical, mental and emotional level.

 BodyTalk Therapy 

‘BodyTalk’ is a consciousness-based, non-diagnostic therapy that works with the body in its healing process and stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels. Either as a stand-alone treatment, or in support of other healthcare systems, it promotes effective and faster healing of conditions.

BodyTalk for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression?

The ‘BodyTalk’ system caters to specific needs, with each individual treatment personalized in a unique, non-invasive manner. By making use of the recognized connection between the mind and body, BodyTalk analyses powerful emotional, situational and environmental triggers and their effect on the cells.

Approaching the issue from below the surface quickly allows Angie to start to heal these debilitating disorders through supportive means.

Anxiety and depression come about as a result of a complex mixture of factors. To assess and learn of these influences, Angie analyses your body through neuromuscular biofeedback, including peptide analysis. The Cellular Repair technique may assist to counter the influence of a genetic predisposition towards emotional and mental diseases.

By employing BodyTalk techniques such as Active Memory, Angie can work with the patient’s body to disassociate, neutralize, and release emotions that have been stored within the connective tissue. Through BodyTalk, the overarching aim to understand the story behind the symptoms and to guide you towards wellbeing.

BodyTalk for gut health and the immune system?

The latest scientific research on the gut micro-biome and the immune system has been synthesized, through the BodyTalk System, to develop stunningly effective techniques. These work to ‘reset’ the immune system, flushing out over-reactive inflammatory and allergic states, while also contributing to the maintenance of healthy gut flora.

Angie Tourani