Decorating christmas tree at Chiva-Som Hua Hin

Celebrating the New Year and Newfound Wellness at Chiva-Som Hua Hin

As the end of year approaches, we invite you to retreat to your ‘Haven of Life” for renewal and celebration. Hua Hin is at its most beautiful, with sunny days blessed by cool breezes, and the anticipation of festivities is in the air. In between, the tranquillity of the resort remains yours to enjoy, a chance to renew the spirit for the coming new year.

Wellness Workshops for

New Year Renewal

31st December 2023

Inner Harmony with the Tibetan Singing Bowl

On the last day of 2023, Thai medicine practitioner Chananchida Banyeam will guide you on a journey to inner harmony. The harmonic tones and vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowl act to focus the mind, to let go of worries and be present in a state of relaxation. They also penetrate deeply into the body, impacting the flow of energy and restoring balance.

1st January 2024

Loving-Kindness Meditation

On the first day of 2024, your journey continues with a meditation session with metta healer David Stojanovic. By taking the time to still your mind, and bestow loving kindness on both yourself and others, you can free yourself from the negative while welcoming the positive into your life.

Joyful Celebrations

24th December 2023

The spirit of Christmas arrives and with it Christmas cheer. Join us for a healthy Christmas Eve feast, an evening filled with the simple pleasures of quality time spent with loved ones, and the sweet carol singing of the local hill tribe children.

31st December 2023

New Year’s Eve begins with a prosecco reception by the pool, and we invite you to join us in dressing up in 1960’s Peace & Love. There will then be dinner and dancing together and countdown at midnight.

1st January 2024

The New Year begins with a cleansing of the spirit, as we offer alms to Buddhist monks on their morning round. To make merit is to accumulate goodness in our souls, and all are welcome to participate.