Chiva-Som Wellness Cuisine

Good Food is Good Life

Nutrition should be viewed as a foundation of health as well as a source of pleasure. Eat food that seduces the senses and satisfies your hunger in the knowledge that you are also contributing to your body’s incredible natural healing process. In our two restaurants, this vision is made deliciously real.

Taste of Siam

Overlooking the ocean, breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served. On Saturday nights, enjoy the renowned BBQ prepared by our award-winning chefs under the stars.

Chiva-Som Emerald Room

The Emerald Room

Wellness cuisine elevated to art. The Emerald Room presents contemporary haute wellness cuisine where you can design your own pescatarian dish, with the freedom to specify your chosen catch of the day, method of cooking and accompanying sides. Open in High Season to avail of favourable climate. Advance booking is required. 

Chiva-Som Hua Hin Organic Garden Growing Roots

Organic Gardens

Our Organic Gardens live at the heart of the Wellness Cuisine concept. In these plots of fertile land, we nurture the growth of a variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and other edible plants for our chefs to work with. Culinary delights are freshly prepared using organically grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables which are – whenever possible  – sourced from Chiva-Som’s IFOAM-accredited Organic Gardens.

Baked duo sweet potato gnocchi served with tomato essence
Wellness Cuisine: Good Food is a Gift

Chiva-Som’s wellness cuisine involves a dedicated team serving you the most delicious and healthy dishes possible. See more in our new video.